Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toys, games and fun -- what Lulu the beagle likes to do

This is Lulu.

Outside, she is all business. She likes to sniff and run and chase dogs and other animals (read: squirrels).

But inside, when it's just her and me, she is a playful puppy. Especially when she wants my attention.

And this is her favorite game when that happens.

She brings me a toy -- usually a rope, or this old cloth snowman toy she has.

I swear that thing had more fluff... and a squeaker... at one point. But, she still loves it.
So she brings me her toy, and I go to take it from her, but she doesn't give it to me. She walks away.

 So I go to grab it from her. Now there's a chase around the room. And when I finally catch her, there's this:

And we tug and tug until finally, she drops the toy. 

And now, she's done!

Now, I'm sure there's some bad behavior in this, particularly in the refusing to give the toy, that I shouldn't condone. But she's generally pretty good with other stuff, so I think as little keep away just keeps her entertained.

What kind of games do you play with your dogs?


  1. Dakota and I play the same, nothing wrong with it. I have read that as long as it doesn't get super tough then it is fine!

  2. Christy
    I know how hard she can pull and I could not do it. Cappy loves to play fetch too. Brooke had broke the paper towel holder and Cappy decided the top wood pole was a fetch toy. Unfortunately it was so heavy for him he only could bring it back 2 times before a break. mom

  3. Mom -- Cappy tried to play fetch with that?! It's bigger than him! lol


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