Monday, October 1, 2012

From collars to treats: Cool pet products made in Central Florida

The last couple of weeks Lulu and I have had the privilege of meeting some neat people at events here in Orlando. And what we've learned is some people are making amazing local products here in our own backyard.

Lulu and I won this designer collar at in a Barktoberfest raffle two weeks ago benefiting the Animal Welfare Alliance of Central Florida. The collar was by Bentley's Custom Collars. Nicole Bentley lets use pick from a variety of fabrics she had on hand, and makes them to your dog's specifications. Just head to her FaceBook page, choose a size, and a fabric choice from the photo album, and send her an email.

Rick's Dog Deli makes food and treats using whole foods. They also make food to your pet's specifications -- breed, age, size, conditions, etc. You should see the print out they gave me for Lulu. They gave me some samples of their chicken and rice mix.

We haven't tried those yet, but these liver brownies they gave us to sample have become a favorite of Lulu's. Check out their website, or their store on Corrine Drive in Orlando.

Then there's Pookie's Bakery in Winter Park. I got some samples of this at another Barktoberfest last week, this time benefiting Orange County Animal Services. They bake treats in-house, and have an assortment of big company pet products.

Then there's Dog House Parties. They make custom party packs for pets! Whether it's a birthday party, a welcome to your new home party, or even a baby shower! They'll help you custom design your party kits, and even help you plan if you want.

And these are just a few of the pet services you can find in Central Florida. If you're looking for more check out Urban Pet magazine.

This free magazine is full of tips, ads and reviews for Orlando pet living. It can be found at shops, vet offices, groomers and other pet-related businesses all over the Central Florida area. Check it out if you see one.

Got a local pet product you love? Tell us about it!

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