Saturday, November 24, 2012

An Off-beat Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

This is Lulu.

I bought the bed for the cat on Black Friday at Petco. Lulu doesn't even fit in it, but she loves it!

I tend to like different things though. I look for the unusual and fun for myself, and I want the same for my pets whenever I can. So without much ado, here's some of the fun pet items I found that would make great gifts for the holidays.

A shark pet bed! Not only does it come in two sizes, but says the bed absorbs bacteria, so it's self-cleaning.

My Pet Speaker by
For years people have left radios or TVs on when they leave the house and the pets alone. From the FrontGate description: 
Better than leaving the TV or radio on, this innovative speaker system works within your pets' normal hearing range, filling the room with music to calm, soothe, and relax.
Order it now from

 An awesome Star Wars dog collar!
Another great product. It looks like Chewbacca's bandolier. Perfect for the co-pilot in your life. And top it off with a Death star pet tag! has other collars too, including a Batman collar and a Domo collar.
 Order it from 

Or you can get a custom collar!
Lulu is sporting her rock star collar from Bentley's Custom Collars. They make the collars according to the size and fabric you want.
Just go to Bentley's Facebook page, head to their photo albums and find the fabrics currently available. Then send them the specs you want.
Order now from Bentley's Custom Collars

Got a dog who likes to stick its head out the window of a moving car? Or do you take your dog for rides on bikes, even motorcycles?
The doggles allow the dog to ride without getting things flung into their eyes.
My good friends at Lets Be Pets! sell Doggles in a variety of styles.
Order now from Lets Be Pets!

 Here's a cool toy, and it gets the dogs thinking. It's called the Mazee-Perplexus Treat Ball, and again, it's from
The dog has to negotiate the treats through the maze and out of the ball.
Order it from

An umbrella for your pet!
The pet umbrella attaches to the dog's harness or collar and opens as a dome over the pet.
I don't know how Lulu would react to this. She likes a little rain now and again, and only dislikes hard rain. If I used this she might not like the noise the rain makes on the umbrella. It's the only thing I'm Concerned about.
This is available at And you can use the search bar to the right to search for the umbrella. If you order it through that bar, I get a commission. So please use it to search and buy.

More treat puzzle toys, but this one is really cool.
It's called Trixie Gambling Tower. You put the pieces in various spots, and the dogs have to figure out how to get it out of the tower.
Trixie has other puzzle toys, including a roulette wheel, a mad scientist game, and a chess set.
This is available at Again, please use the search bar on the right to search for this toy and other pet products.

A chaise lounge fit for a queen.
I have to admit, I want this one for myself. But I'd love it for Lulu or Galadriel. It's a bit fancy, but it's so gaudy it's fantastic.
It comes in more colors and even animal prints.
Order it from Petco.

 What's that thing around that dog's neck?
How about a doggycam!
Tired of taking pictures and video of your dog avoiding you? Now you can let the dog do the picture-taking.
This the DogTek Eyeminal Video Camera, and you can find it at Lets Be Pets!
Order it from Lets Be Pets!

We live in Florida. Sure it's cool right now, but this will be over soon. Probably by Christmas.
Give your dog a great way to cool off from running around all day.
This Bone-shaped doggy pool is like a kitty pool. The company that makes them, One Dog One Bone, also makes a paw print-shaped pool.
You can find these pools at Just use the search bar to the right of this article to find it.

Of course, if you live in one of those houses where the backyard is all pool, and you don't mind your puppy in the pool, get them their own lounge.
The Swimways Float Paddle Paws lounge comes in two sizes, and it's made to be claw-friendly, according to the write-up on
You can find this at Just use the search bar to the right of this article to find it.

And if you're looking for more stuff, the fine folks at Nip have their own Holiday Bazaar. Check out some of the pet sites they list. Go to the Holiday Bazaar here.


  1. Thanks Lulu and Christie for including us in your gift guide! Your list is fantastic and we are honored to be included.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I like the shark bed and the fancy royal chair. That camera is pretty cool too.

    1. I love the camera. I want one myself. I'd love to see what Lulu running looks like from her point of view.

  4. Some of these are super cool. I love Thinkgeek! Great list.

  5. Very cool gift guide! I love the doggy cam and the bone-shaped pool!


  6. these are just great. Lovin' the speaker and some of those treat mazes. As well as the cam....going to check them out right now. I think that Dakota would LOVE those!

  7. ok I'm pissed. Was gonna order the green treat ball on and it refused to take my billing info and it was ALL correct! Bad sign....

    1. Ugh... I would call them and see what happened. They're a great company, they should be able to work with you.

  8. oh poop. Wanted that chaise for Dakota but it is for pets up to 15 lbs. Cody has enough beds! lol

  9. Fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing. I really love the chaise lounge and shark bed. So very cool!

    1. I know. I love the chaise lounge, especially.

  10. You have chosen some really interesting items here...definitely not the norm, and we will check into a couple of them...I have to share one more with you It's a Bacon Pet Costume & I'd order it now except that I know Gizmo would never speak to me again if I tried to dress him in it

    1. I saw the bacon costume during Halloween! I might have mentioned it in my post then, but I don't remember.

  11. Fun ideas. The shark bed is too funny. We have some of those bone shaped pools at the shelter I volunteer at. I've always thought they were so cute, but not sure about letting my own pup get wet whenever she has a mind to! :)

    1. Yeah, you'd definitely have to empty it when you're done.


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