Monday, November 19, 2012

Easy ways to help pet charities this holiday season

This is Lulu.

She knows what the holiday season can be like. Everyone is running around, with tons of stuff to get done. Everyone is tired. We have barely enough time to remember our fellow humans in need, let alone pets in need.

So in the spirit of the season now upon us, here are some easy, great ways you can help animal rescue groups and charities in need.

IAMS Home 4 the Holidays

Iams/ Eukanuba has an annual effort to get the community to help local charities, and provide large support to two particular charities in dire need.

All you have to do is go to the Iams Home 4 the Holidays site. There you'll find a list of participating shelters, broken up by state. Find a local shelter or rescue to donate to. You can also go to their website, and find a wish list of items they need. Many you can pick up at the grocery store (laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, that sort of thing). Then do a shelter drive-by. Just stop by the shelter and drop the items off.

I did that Monday. I picked up a big bottle of laundry detergent and some towels (don't want to spend too much money on towels? Check the end caps at Target!) , and took them to SPCA of Central Florida.

Bissell Pinning for Pets

Are you on Pinterest? Here's an easy way to help pets in need.

Bissell, the vaccuum cleaner company, is running Pinning for Pets. Just create a pin board called Pinning for Pets, choose two animals from who need to be adopted, and two Bissell products and pin them to the board. Then fill out the form on the Pinning for Pets page and include the URL for the board. That's it. Bissell will donate up to $50,000 to the Petfinder Foundation.


  1. Thank you for this great post! I love that you covered so many easy ways to help pets this holiday season!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Dr. V. Hopefully people use them.

  2. Lulu this post had so many great ideas I've added a link to it on my Thankful Thursday Blog Post that will be coming out tomorrow...Hope that's OK *snoogles* from Gizmo at TerrierTorrent

    1. No, I'm honored!! Thank you Gizmo.

      Christie from

  3. Wow, how much easier can it get to help our furry buds. Thanks for the info. Happy Thanksgiving, too!


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