Saturday, November 2, 2013

Adopt a senior pet PLUS Beagle Freedom Project saves 3 seniors

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Have you ever considered a senior dog or cat? So many get dumped after a certain age, because people tire of them, or can't deal with them growing old, or do not want to deal with their illnesses of age.

And sometimes people will pass over an older cat or dog, thinking they would prefer a younger pet, especially a puppy.

But a senior dog or cat can bring joy, even in the short time they have.

Here are 10 reasons, created by Winnipeg Animal Services:

All this month, you'll find promotions to get senior dogs and pets adopted. Here's some Orlando-area promotions this month.

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue -- All beagles 8 years and older are only $50. Head to their website for pictures, events and more.

Orange County Animal Services -- All this month, no adoption fee for pets 6 years and older. See all the adoptable pets on their website.

As we hear of more, we'll post them here.

And in honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, we once again salute Beagle Freedom Project. 

BFP rescued three senior beagles from a laboratory last week: Arthas, Bernie and Hobbes.

Here's Bernie with foster Kya.
Arthas learning to love run on grass.
Here's what Beagle Freedom Project said about the dogs:

"Bernie the beagle is now living with a foster family that already adopted another former research beagle (Kya). Bernie and Kya have hit it off, with Kya clearly excited to have a new beagle buddy in the house. She excitedly tries to get Bernie to play and, not surprisingly, he is unsure on how to respond as he has never played with another dog before in his life. While slowing learning normal dog behavior he has taken to his toys and loves to chew his Nylabone and of course sleeping on plush comfy beds and couches with Kya and his foster mom!

"Athras is a boy’s boy. Since his first entry into his foster home he bonded immediately with the 20 year old son that lives at home. He follows him about the house and sleeps through the night with him, all cuddled up. He loves the son’s friends that comes to visit and greets each new friend with a wagging tail. Athras is still a little overwhelmed by the size of his new home and nervously paces and makes circles in the large spaces. He is also slowly adjusting to the sounds of outside and learning that they don’t mean him harm. Athras lives with two other dogs, a pug and a bichon and he watches their silly play behavior with a confused interest. His foster family is taking slow steps with him, patiently teaching him how to be a dog and that he is finally safe now.

"Hobbes is the resilient little member of this trio. Hobbes is acclimating to a home life with quickness. He has made tremendous progress with potty-training, has already mastered the stairs (and loves going up and down), and is bravely navigating boundaries and doggie etiquette with a more senior male dog in the house. Hobbes is also lucky to have another beagle in the house who has assumed the responsibility of being the tour-guide and life coach to his new foster brother. Hobbes is interested in the family kitty-cat, but learned not to get to close. He is also bravely going to dog parks and enjoys meeting the new doggie friends. Hobbes is not wasting time starting his new life!"
Congratulations to Beagle Freedom Project for another successful rescue! 

To help BFP by volunteering, fostering, adopting or donating money, head to the group's website.


  1. Thank you for posting a link to the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue website! Our next Beagle Adoption and Meetup is Saturday, 11/9 from 9:30 a.m. - noon at West Dog Park in Tampa. The address is 6299 N. Occident St. If you have a pre-approved application, you can adopt a dog at the event:


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