Friday, November 22, 2013

Living with diabetes: Meet Loki the rottweiler

All this month we are taking a closer look at canine and feline diabetes. Check all my stories here.

Earlier this month we introduced you to KC, the cairn terrier who lives with diabetes.

This is Loki the rottweiler.

Janet Ruda Archer is Loki's mom. Here's what she said about living with Loki and canine diabetes.

1) What kind of pet do you have? Dog, Rottweiler.

2) Name, age, sex... Loki, 7 years old male, neutered.

3) How old were they when they got diabetes? 6 (been diabetic for 14 months.)

4) How early were they diagnosed? Very early. Within 3 weeks, got diabetes from prednisone induced.

5) Are they insulin dependent? Yes Humulin N.

6) What do you feed your pet? Used to be on Annamaet option 24 dry with evangers canned beef. Now consulting a nutritionist at Univ of Penn for a one cooked recipe specifically tailored to him and his multiple ailments. He currently is on boiled hamburger, brown rice, green beans and pumpkin twice daily plus supplements.

7) Walk me through a typical day with your pet. Wake up 6am, ear pick for blood to test glucose. Feed. medicate, walk. Repeat all in 12 hours.

8) Are there any special things you've bought your pet (besides insulin) to help them live with diabetes? Alpha Trak glucometer specially designed for pets. Human meters are NOT accurate. we calibrated against the vets and found two brands that were way off. Syringes, lancets and test strips. Diabetes is a very expensive disease to keep regulated. Also purchase ketodiastix to check for ketones in the urine.

9) Do you have anything in particular you have to be mindful of? Too much exercise can create a low and hence a Hypoglycemic seizure. Weather changes affect glucose. Monitoring intake of water to see if any changes. Too many high numbers cause cataracts to form faster. Any change in food or treats through out a day changes your numbers. Everything can affect the glucose level.

Most important is the meds must be 12 hours apart. You do not want insulin overlapping itself. Using the correct syringes to the insulin. We use the U-100 insulin and the syringes must be for that. Insulin is only good for 30 days once opened, you must throw out any unused insulin or it may result in inaccurate numbers. Some people push that, I do not.

Unopened insulin must be stored in the refrigerator. Open Humulin N can sit out once opened. (Away from direct light and extreme heat) you also can never shake insulin, it must be rolled gently to mix.

10) Anything else you'd like to add? Pancreatitis is very common in diabetics and you must watch fats. And fat content on their food. The most important thing for new owners is that diabetics eat, not what they eat until they get regular.

Thank you, Janet, for sharing your story with us.

Just a week left in National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month. We'll be talking about the most important thing of all -- prevention, next week.

And on Saturday we'll talk feline diabetes.


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