Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AKC: Beagles are fourth most popular dog breed

We're number 4! We're number 4! We're number 4!

One of the beagles who took part in Meet the Breeds at the AKC Show in December.
Beagles kept the number four spot on American Kennel Club's popular breed listing. That means beagles are the fourth most popular dog among Americans who register their pet with AKC.

Here are the other nine most popular breeds from the Top 10:

2013 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.
1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd Dog
3. Golden Retriever
4. Beagle
5. Bulldog
6. Yorkshire Terrier
7. Boxer
8. Poodle
9. Rottweiler
10. Dachshund

Labrador retrievers are the top breed for 23 years running! That will be tough to beat.
In order to register a dog, the puppy must come from a litter that is AKC registrable. So it's something you have to work on with the breeder of your pup. This list doesn't include non-AKC litters or shelter dogs.

A beagle with her award from the AKC show in Orlando last December.
 It also doesn't include AKC's Purebred Alternative Listing, which lets people register their pets into AKC. Then they can take part in any AKC competition, except the traditional show competitions.

Lulu got her Purebred Alternative Listing certificate last week! Now we can compete in AKC Rally or Agility if we want to. My trainer is interested in getting Lulu into Rally.

To register for PAL, you don't need a special lineage, just have your pups measurements, and pictures, and send your application in. Oh, and you get to give you pet one of those special names.

Lulu's is Zizo's Absolutely Fabulous. :)

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