Thursday, February 20, 2014

PHOTOS: Pet-friendly St. Augustine -- A taste

We've been pretty quiet all week, and with good reason. We've been on an adventure in the oldest city in America: St. Augustine, Florida.

We'll be talking more about St. Augustine in the coming weeks, but for now, I just want to show some pictures of our trip. Just a taste.

The new St. Augustine Baywalk was created as part of the restoration of the St. Augustine Sea Wall. Pets are allowed on the Baywalk, which gives a great view of the marina.

Small pets are allowed on the Galeon San Pelayo, a full restored Spanish galleon that will be docked at the St. Augustine marina until June. It holds an exhibit about the founding of St. Augustine. The galleon actually SAILED from Spain to come here.

Lulu gets a treat outside the Spanish Military Hospital Museum. The museum is pet-friendly, and gives a good idea of what health care was like centuries ago.

Lulu on board the Cetacea, a boat operated by St. Augustine Eco Tours. We got a guided tour of the Matanzas Bay, saw dolphins, met a Cannonball jellyfish and rode out into the Atlantic Ocean.

 Lulu met lots of dogs and did all right with most of them.

And we enjoyed dinner at Meehan's Irish Pub. They are extremely pet friendly, and the food was delicious.

Have you visited St. Augustine, Florida before? Tell me about your trip!


  1. We are planning a vacation to St Augustine this spring with our two dogs. Cannot wait to here back from you with dog friendly advice for visiting there.

  2. We were just at Anastasia State Park in January - that's in St. Augustine. We love St. is rich in history and it is so pet-friendly! I am so glad you are having a great time!
    *Cairn cuddles*

    1. I didn't go to the park because people made it sound like the dogs weren't allowed there.

  3. Stop in for a meal @ Harry's restaurant. The food's wonderful, great atmosphere and very dog friendly! The beach is wonderful too...we stayed at Beachers Resort with our 2 corgis!

    1. I heard Beachers was good. We went to Meehan's, and the food was fantastic. They also have a great pet friendly patio with a bar and fire tables. Lots of dogs and owners back there.


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