Sunday, February 2, 2014

Puppy Bowl player Pong and Florida Little Dog Rescue

Courtesy Heather Munson.
Too. Stinkin'. Cute.

Pong visited my workplace Sunday morning before her big debut in Puppy Bowl X on Animal Planet. There's lots of excitement in Orlando for the big game -- PUPPY BOWL!!! Biggest game on Earth! (Is there another game being played today...?)

Pong is a seven-month-old Havanese mix. The girl holding Pong actually assisted in her birth.

Pong is representing Florida Little Dog Rescue in the Puppy Bowl.
FLDG is a non-profit rescue that specializes in unwanted, abused and abandoned little dogs. FLDR pulls dogs who need emergency medical care, and likely would not get adopted in the shelters. They taken in dogs of all ages, all over Florida.

Pong's inclusion in the Puppy Bowl is great exposure for Florida Little Dog Rescue and its little dogs.

Check out Pong's page on the Florida Little Dog Rescue website, and be sure to watch the Puppy Bowl TODAY on Animal Planet.

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