Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lulu's Favorite Things GIVEAWAY: Quaker Pets' GoDog toys *SPONSORED*

Quaker Pet Group is one of the sponsors of the Lulu's Favorite Things Campaign, which raises money for Harbor House of Central Florida's Paws for Peace Walk. Please consider donating to our campaign here. 

The Paws for Peace Walk is Saturday, April 26  at 9 a.m. at Blue Jacket Park. Registration starts at 8 a.m. Please join Team Beagle!

In the meantime, check out this product and enter our GIVEAWAY for two special toys.

Raise a virtual paw if your dog destroys their toys?

Lulu destroyed toys when she was young. DESTROYED. But since she's matured the destruction has stopped. For the most part.

This whale has a hole under a fin.

This bunny ear was found recently. I have not seen the bunny, but I'm sure it's around somewhere.

Then there's this.

Lulu's platypus. Lulu adores her this thing. But she also gets crazy frustrated with it because she can't pull the squeaker out.

It's a GoDog toy from Quaker Pet Group.

GoDog has Chew Guard Technology -- a tough mesh liner inside the toy, along with double-stitched seams. They are meant for dogs who are chew crazy.

Think your dog can destroy a GoDog? They will replace the toy! One free replacement, guaranteed.

This is Xena, and she is a champion chewer (she chewed an antler to a nub in a span of a week). Her mom gives her this goDog every once and while. As you can see -- still in good shape.

You can find goDog toys at boutique pet shops, at Petco and on Amazon.


RIGHT NOW, we are giving away two goDogs for one lucky person! The winner gets to choose what size and type they want!

All you have to do is comment below -- what kind do you want! Head to the goDog site and check out the toys. Maybe you could get the Dragons, or the Crazy Tugs, which stretchable arms! Or maybe you find the Zombiez too funny not to get!

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  1. My "pack" consists of five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, so we'd definitely need the large size toys.

  2. Large for my English Springer Spaniels should be the correct size.

  3. I would need small toys. I think the Butterfly Tiny Bug is so cute.

  4. Small GoDogs I think, I have a beagle too! :)

  5. Small GODOGS for Two dogs. One of my dogs likes to beat her toy up and down to the ground like she is killing it.What a cute blog site I love the photos of your dogs! : )

  6. Large please. My Carolina Dog loves the dragons but hasn't had one in a long time & would love to!

  7. I would need the small ones please

  8. I'd need the small ones please!

    Hannah Jurgelis

  9. I Need LARGE goDogs! Love the fuzzies and the Chameleon

  10. Large! I have two pyrenees mix puppies that are rapidly destroying everything they can get in their mouths.

  11. Small goDogs :) We have 2 min pins, and a Japanese Chin :)

  12. I'd need a large goDog. I have a 50lb black lab mix.

  13. We would need large for our guys.

  14. Small please

  15. I would need large goDogs. Thank you!

  16. I need the large ones....they sound awesome.


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