Friday, February 13, 2015

Concerned about #DogDentalHealth? Get nubbly with WHIMZEES

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Can your dog chew their way to better health?

While tooth brushing is still the gold standard for cleaning doggy teeth, giving your dog a dental chew is a great way to keep your dog from the dentist's chair.
Have you ever flipped the lip? It's the best way to check your dog's teeth?
Never thought about dog dental health? You should (especially if you're a beagle parents because, you know, beagles eat ANYTHING). Some 80 percent of dogs have signs of dental disease by the age of three. Dental disease can lead to other diseases in dogs, just like it can in humans.

Plus as dogs get older it could mean teeth cleanings where dogs are put under, or even tooth removal. Talk about expensive! You can avoid all that just by taking care of your dog's teeth now.

What kind of dental treat should you give? Well, in our opinion, it's all about the nubs!

 What are WHIMZEES™?

These treats from Holland are a crazy fun way to keep the tartar in your dog's teeth in check.

There are only six ingredients in WHIMZEES, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives (top ingredient? potato starch). The treats are colorful, sure, but it's done with natural extracts. The green ones, for instance, are made with alfalfa extract, while the orange ones are made with extracts from the Annatto fruit.

The company comes out with some new styles every year so there's lots to choose from: gators and hedgehogs and toothbrushes and more. And in different sizes too.

And almost all of them have those bumps you see there -- they're nubbly. The nubs and the shape designs actually help to increase blood flow through the gums. And THAT helps prevent tartar buildup.

"Can I eat it now?... How about now?"
Those nubs are great in helping your dog's teeth stay in good shape.

How can you buy WHIMZEES? We went to PetSmart® to check it out.

Take note: PetSmart has a sale for #DogDentalHealth Month!
PetSmart has a display like that one in the stores, plus WHIMZEES in the treats aisle, PLUS single packs on shelves near the registers. 

That is another great reason I love WHIMZEES -- you don't have to buy a big bag. You can buy single treats, so you can mix and match sizes and types. On this trip I bought a bag of toothbrushes, and a couple alligators.

I actually love the alligators best, not only because they are hysterical, but because the dogs seem to chew them slowly. The slower they chew, the better it is for them.

There are lots of dog dental treats available at PetSmart. Make sure which ever one you choose is a good, chewy treat that helps your doggy keep those teeth clean.

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  1. Great post! We've been asking mom for some Whimzees and we're still waiting!!! Pft!

  2. Oh, you know the WHIMZEES alligators are my favorite! Love the photo of them by the pool....I hope they don't jump in or you will need the Gator Boys to fish them out! Great post on Dental Health!

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  4. Thanks for sharing this important message about dog's dental health! Sharing for you too!

  5. My dogs typically eat things like these like they're milk bones which makes me nervous because they're not supposed to be eaten that fast! Do you have that problem with your dogs? How long did it take them to get through the Alligators?


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