Monday, February 9, 2015

Dog Parent Confessions: 5 bad habits to avoid

Ever let your dog get away with murder (not literally, of course)?

Today, after Lulu ate a whole bowl of breakfast, she somehow knocked the cat's bowl off the counter. Wet kitty food pieces flung all over a pile of dirty laundry I had on the floor.

And instead of cleaning up the mess myself, I scolded Lulu as she picked the pieces off the clothes (I did pick up the clothes and threw them in the wash after).

It got me thinking about what other bad habits I let Lulu and Jasmine get away with. This is my confession. Do as I say, not as I do.

1. Eating off the floor... or the table... or other surfaces... especially if they make the mess. My back is bothering me and I didn't feel like cleaning up the mess myself. Why is this a problem? I basically rewarded her for knocking the cat's dish over. Normally this would not happen.

But that's not the only time I let the dogs get away with things. Like if I'm cooking dinner and broccoli falls on the floor, I call the dogs. We all probably do it. But it's not necessarily a good idea.

2. Walking on the furniture.

It started as letting the dogs in the bed. And the couch. Then Jasmine got into walking on the couch and jumping over the couch -- and I kinda let her do it because the picture opportunities are awesome. I took the one above just today. But it's not good for the couch.

3. Not making Lulu take treats gently.

"Gentle" is an important command every pet should make sure their dog knows. It will save your fingers when giving your dog a treat. But I sometimes I let Lulu get away with it mostly because I'm being inconsistent (my trainer would smack me).

4. I bathe Lulu and Jasmine less than I probably should. To be fair, beagle parents love to say that you can go months without bathing a beagle. Still, I'm pretty sure Lulu and Jasmine could use baths slightly more frequently than that. Especially since Lulu has a habit of rolling in the grass (though it doesn't look like she rolls in anything gross).

5. I enjoy watching Lulu when she gets clever. Lulu has quick reflexes and a sharp mind -- mostly when she wants something. At my last birthday party no one was watching when Lulu swiped a piece of chicken from the food table (boneless and skinless). She moved so fast no one could even get it from her. I grabbed her to bring her inside, but then I stopped and asked someone to take those pictures. I wasn't happy she did it, but I marveled at how she did it. We beagle lovers know our dogs can use their skills in a blink of an eye to get a piece of food. But lets be honest -- we probably should do a little less of this and a little more of making sure it doesn't happen.

These are some of my bad habits. What are some of yours?


  1. I think we all have bad pet parent habits - I am definitely working on getting Jax to take treats more gently. Food off the floor isn't a big deal for me - he is my automatic kitchen vacuum haha! Mostly, I wish his leash habits were better as I never took the time to consistently train him. That was my biggest training slip up.

    1. Oh yeah, I go through the same thing. I just wonder how clean that is...

  2. Oh goodness Luna is terrible at taking treats gently! I'm also terrible about giving Luna a bath regularly. It's hard to make her do something she doesn't want to do! But I am the worst at enjoying when Luna is mischievous! I'm kind of proud when she outsmarts me.

  3. Lulu I like your style, you look good on top of that couch, I am trying to be like you and get on he couch but my legs are too small and I can't get there yet, I jump and jump, but no luck, maybe soon, I grow everyday. I like seeing you on Twitter you are fun! Love Holly-Rose, @dogblogholly

  4. Ok, I'll admit it! I sometimes let Haley lick my plate after dinner if we've made something healthy that she can eat. And yes, I really do want that last bite of chicken, but she usually gets it.
    Fun post! :)

    1. Me too! And the pizza crust is Lulu's as well. I almost think it's stipulated in her adoption contract or something, the way she acts about it.


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