Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Deck the Dog House 2015: See all the entries

We are so excited and love all the entries we got for Deck the Dog House 2015!

And now, we'd like to share them all with you. But first, we'd like to remind you about the prizes.

First, let's go over the prizes
Two (2) Hallmark Snoopy prize packs
  • Prize for Dogs:
    • Christmas boxed cards in a Snoopy doghouse box
    • Snoopy Flying Ace Keepsake Ornament 
    • Snoopy doghouse notes
  • Prize for other pets:
    • Christmas boxed cards with Snoopy on doghouse 
    • Snoopy doghouse Keepsake Ornament 

One (1) Lionel G-gauge Snoopy Train with Lucy Psychologist stand (for everyone)

Two (2) Fetch 4 Pets Snoopy toys prize packs

  • Prize pack for small dogs
  • Prize pack for large dogs
Here is the first change: this year we did not get any international entries! So I am adding two more Peanuts Movie prize packs, for a total of four prizes!

And a new prize!

One (1) bow tie of your choice from The French Dog by Karen Dibert. Check out her Etsy Store!

So that's a total of 10 prizes. Here are the entries. Click on each to make them bigger! 

Judging will take place through the weekend, though some of you may be contacted early. Good luck!

Prince Ali, "Snoopy's Christmas"
Jack  Gus, "Holiday Box Castle"
Ellie, "Merry Pinkmas"
Pet Regale, "Christmas on the Couch"
Axl, "Countdown to Christmas"
Christie, "Christmas"
Lola & Abbey, "Christmas"
Stella, "Christmas in a TV bed"
Bean and Yoda, "Galactic Christmas"
Lyra, "Waiting for Christmas"
Ossian, "Christmas"
Honey, "Deck the Hamster House"
Mudpie, "Sleigh full of Grumpy cats"
Piper, "Christmas Lair"
Oreo and Cookie the rabbits, "Snoopy!"
Tyson Doo, "Christmas hotdog"
Teddi, "Hanukkah"
Waffos, "A sledding Waffos goes" 
Tux, "Last Christmas"
Whitaker, "Hanging by the fireplace"


  1. Is this a contest we can enter to win these awesome prizes?


    1. Hi Ann --

      It is but it closed Tuesday. :) But Deck the Dog House will be back next year!


  2. Your article on this blog is fantastic. Well done! I’m a big fan of your blog and be sure to keep up the great work.


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