Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just a few days left! Decorate for your dog and win prizes!

UPDATE: We've decided, to give people more time, we will extend the deadline for Deck the Dog House 2 days -- to Dec. 15! So work this weekend and get those entries in!

Only 5 days left to enter the Deck the Dog House photo contest!

And I'm a little worried. I've only gotten three entries so far!

Deck the Dog House is our doggy holiday decorating contest. We ask you to decorate your pet's living space for the holidays, like Snoopy in "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

You can find how to enter the contest and more in our contest post!

Here's the latest entry, from Melissa LaPierre of Mocha's Mysteries and Meows:

As you can see, cats can enter too! And rabbits, fish, birds, turtles, snakes, chickens, horses, guinea pigs, ferrets and more!

Here are our two other entries:
But we have LOTS of prizes to give away!

From Hallmark

 Prize for Dogs: 
  • Christmas boxed cards in a Snoopy doghouse box
  • Snoopy Flying Ace Keepsake Ornament 
  • Snoopy doghouse notes
Prize for other pets:
  • Christmas boxed cards with Snoopy on doghouse 
  • Snoopy doghouse Keepsake Ornament 

From Fetch for Pets (Available to all)

Prize for small dogs: 2 Peanuts Snoopy stuffed toys 
Prize for big dogs: 2 Peanuts Snoopy stuffed toys

(These are the same Snoopy toys they sell at PetSmart)

From The Peanuts Movie (20th Century Fox)

Two (2) Prize packs including a Charlie Brown hat and two mini -movie posters. (Charlie Brown tree not included)

1 international-only entry prize:
1 $20 online Amazon gift card

How can you enter?

What's your pet's special spot? A crate, a dog house, a bed, their favorite chair, a window sill, a cat condo, a cage, a tank, a coop, a barn, you name it! Give their favorite spot to chill out a holiday touch. We know not every pet has a special spot in the house -- they think the whole house is theirs. So just do your best and get creative. All pets are eligible to enter.

How do I enter? Lots of ways! You can post it on the Life With Beagle Facebook page! You can tweet it to us using our Life With Beagle Twitter account (be sure to hashtag it #DecktheDogHouse)!
You can send it to us on Instagram, with the #Deckthedoghouse hastag. You can email us at Be sure to put Deck the Dog House in the subject line.

All the details on how to enter, plus all the great prizes, head to the main post for Deck the Dog House! 

Enter between now and Dec. 13.


  1. This sounds like a really fun contest! I will try to get you a picture in the next few days. Thanks!

  2. Now that's a cute idea. I'm not sure if the Boys would get in their beds though if it had a bunch of lights on it LOL

    1. You could just do it for the pictures! Or do wall decorations over their bed.

  3. Great idea, but the only decorations that are safe for our pups are there huge collection of Christmas toys.

  4. Ooh. I'll have to think about this. Does it have to be in our house? I think we might have a funny photo at a pet store from last year.

  5. We are not that good at decorating, but perhaps we can come up with something! Love all of the great prizes and I can't wait to see the entries you receive!

  6. Great prizes and idea. Will send a pic

  7. I sent you an email with my entry did you get it??


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