Friday, August 18, 2017

3 ways you can help Clear the Shelters when you can't foster, adopt

Saturday, Aug. 19 is Clear the Shelters Day!

Thousands of shelters in the United States are currently full of pets looking for homes -- it's a big summer problem. And it will take all of us to help reduce the pet population in our shelters.

When you adopt a pet, you actually rescue two -- the one you adopt, and the one that can take its place so it is not killed.
Buster is a 4-year-old beagle at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, FL. He is heartworm positive, but his treatments are sponsored.
Ideally, we'd all love to run out and adopt every pet who needs a home. But that's not feasible. Still, there are ways you can help #ClearTheShelters today and everyday. Here are three:

1. Share pets who need homes on social media. 
I know you don't want to overburden your friends with posts that will make them sad. But if you share, if they share, the hope is eventually they will find someone who would take a pet in. Share with rescues and if you belong to any local bulletin board-style groups for where you live, share there too.

On Saturday, we'll be joining @BeagleFacts in tweeting out dozens of shelter beagles and other dogs who need homes. Please retweet our tweets!
2. Donate to shelters, rescues and other groups who help. 
If you can't donate money, donate supplies! Shelters need enrichment treats and toys, they need cleaning supplies, they need towels, sheets and blankets too. You could even donate office supplies so they don't have to pay for it.

Levi is a 10-year-old dog at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando.
If you donate to rescues, it makes those animal rescues better able to pull more pets out of shelters. Also, find groups who partner with shelters and rescues to help ease their burdens. There are groups in Central Florida like Snip-it Central Florida, which helps with low cost spaying and neutering. Or Kindred Spirits Animal Clinic, which is sponsoring Buster's heartworm treatments.

Ask your local shelter what they need, and who helps sponsor medical care for the animal shelters.

3. Volunteer! 
Shelters need people to give dogs attention and love, clean cages, take pictures to help shelters share their pets.
Lani is a 5-year-old dog at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando.
You can also advocate for them by joining any local boards that make decisions for these shelters. For instance, here in Orange County, Florida, we have a citizen's advisory board for Orange County Animal Services that meets monthly.

So join us this Saturday and help us help Clear the Shelters through social media!


  1. I am so mad at myself - I totally spaced it - until that night. Even tho I didn't do anything that day, I have to wonder if maybe I helped a shelter by possibly keeping a dog out of it back in May of this year when I rescued/adopted my newest Beagle - Miss Maizie who was needing a new home.
    Mom Kim


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