Friday, November 9, 2012

Help military dogs this Veterans Day with Natural Balance

On Sunday we honor all the men and women who fight for us and have fought for us Americans. And while you're thinking about our veterans, considering our military dogs instead.

The National Monument for Military Service Dogs will soon be finished, and we'll get a sneak peak of it at the Tournament of Roses Parade in January in California. Then it will head for Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

You can help by going to Petco and buying Natural Balance. The dog food company is making limited edition Jerky Bar Treats. Buy a bag for your dog, or buy a bag and donate it. All of the proceeds will go toward the monument. Natural Balance is trying to raise $1 million. By going to the Natural Balance site, you can also enter to win a trip to the Tournament of Roses parade. The treats are $19.99 a bag.

But that's not all you can do.

Lackland Air Force Base is where the military trains its service dogs. They have two programs that civilians can help with.

The first is a puppy fostering program. The military breeds its own service dogs. They need people to foster puppies from 12 weeks of age up until six months. To help, you can fill out this application on the Lackland Air Force Base website.

The military also has an adoption program. They adopt out dogs that do not make it through the training program, or retired dogs. Until 2000, the dogs were often euthanized.

To adopt a military dog, you first have to request an application. To get that information, go here.

Lulu, Galadriel and I want to thank those who fought for my freedom and yours. Happy Veterans Day!


  1. Excellent post...and we will be heading to Petco tomorrow for some treats

  2. Yeah, Lulu and I have class there tomorrow anyway, so I think we will pick up a bag. To donate though. Lulu has enough treats!

  3. I love that they now have an adoption program. There are so many vets who would benefit from a dog. Hmm.

    1. They also have programs to pair vets with dogs. The founder of one of those programs is up for a CNN Heroes award. I'm trying to get more info for a future post.


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