Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Paws on Who Let the Dogs Out!

Ever heard of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" The show on Hallmark Channel features the stunt dog team from Natural Balance, including Tillman the Skateboarding Dog and Norman the Scooter Dog.

We met Norman at Barkworld 2012 in Atlanta.
Last year the team went to Blog Paws in Salt Lake City, UT last year. They introduced Blog Paws to the world in their most recent episode of "Who Let The Dogs Out" on Friday.

Coincidentally, I am going to Blog Paws THIS year, and I can't wait!

Here were my takeaways from Friday's show:
  1. Tell us what you like the most about the show, in general.
    The segment on Blog Paws was definitely my favorite. But I also liked seeing all the tricks that the Natural Balance team does. It's so impressive.
  2. If you hadn't heard of BlogPaws before, tell me what you learned about BlogPaws, from the show. If you DO know about BlogPaws, tell me what you liked the most about the BlogPaws part of the episode.
    The best part about the Blog Paws part of the episode was getting a preview of what to expect when I go this May. I can tell it's going to be a pretty big event. I wasn't expecting it to be so big!
  3. Tell me what you'd like to learn at BlogPaws 2013.
    How to take my blog to the next level, and how to turn this (possibly) into a career.
 Can't wait to go!

And, tune in to "Who Let the Dogs Out?" on Hallmark Channel every Friday. Check local listings for times.

Lulu loves her Natural Balance treats, especially Tillman Treats!


  1. Glad to hear you'll be joining us in Tysons Corner this year. Will Lulu get to come too? I hope so. I would love to meet her! Good luck in the contest!
    ~ Chloe, BlogPaws COE

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chloe! I really liked your interview. It was especially cool because now I know what you look like. :)

      Lulu will not be coming, unfortunately. I am flying up, and she can't come with me. She'll be at Barkworld again in August. And she'll be at Global Pet Expo in a couple weeks, if you are coming. :)


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