Monday, February 18, 2013

Countdown to Global Pet Expo -- TropiClean Fresh Breath Tooth Gel

We are counting down to the Global Pet Expo -- now just two days away!!!

We are talking about clean teeth today.

We didn't brush dog's teeth when I was growing up. We never seemed to have an issue either. But these days, it's important for dogs to have clean teeth, for the same reason it's important for humans: bad breath and bad teeth can mean bigger issues.

But since Lulu never had her teeth brushed as a puppy, she's not actually fond of the process now.

TropiClean has many teeth products, but this is good. For one thing, you only have to put two drops on both sides of the dog's mouth. For another, the dog then does all the work.

The problem is, of course, Lulu can't stand it. So I normally have to sneak up on her when she's laying down. Otherwise I have to chase her around the room.

But it seems to be working.

It's had to tell in the picture, but her teeth are much better than they were.


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  2. You guys are so lucky to get to go to the Global Pet Expo! Have fun! I wonder if that stuff makes Lulu's breath smell minty and fresh too.

  3. If you go to 360 they have a contest to win a brushing set. Mention you heard it from


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