Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pictures from Paws in the Park in Orlando

This weekend Orlando area pet lovers celebrated their furry friends, Mardi Gras, and also raised money for SPCA of Central Florida, the shelter Lulu came from.

The 19th annual Paws in the Park's theme was Mardi Paws. The annual festival raises money for SPCA of Central Florida by getting individuals to do fundraisers (or get into groups and do fundraisers). But it also helps pet lovers learn about local businesses, win prizes, and enjoy beautiful Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando.

Take a look at some of the awesome pictures from the event.

The street festival part of Paws in the Park. Lots of businesses in Orlando who want to pamper your dog.
A steam punk dog and his human.
A ballerina. She's holding a tennis ball in her mouth. Her humans say she never lets it go.
Mardi Gras doggy!
Beagle in a tutu! Lots of beagles at Paws in the Park.
These dogs are all dressed up for the parade. I can think of at least one pomeranian who would love those skirts.
The parade is getting under way. The Happy Paws Pet Resort "Krewe" gets into place.
The Disney Kids Zone is a new feature for Paws in the Park this year.
Lulu meets some dalmatians.
Kids are making "animal enrichment" toys and treats for pets.

Another Mardi Gras dog!
Look at that awesome party collar!
And look who is here!!! Lulu was quite confused by this big dog.

The parade has wrapped and the awards are being given out. Great job to everyone involved.
A sneak peak at a new project to help SPCA. It involves a trivia game! More on this to come.
Finally, the Lake Eola fountain, a symbol for Orlando. Hope you liked our pictures!

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