Monday, February 11, 2013

Countdown to Global Pet Expo -- Trixie Gambling Tower Dog Toy

We are counting down to the Global Pet Expo, the largest pet product trade show in the country.

Almost a thousand exhibitors will be showing products of all kinds. So we are taking a look at some of the companies we might see at the expo, and their products.

Trixie Gambling Tower. Photo courtesy of Amazon.
Trixie Pet Products is an American company with a global line of products. When I saw the Trixie Gambling Tower, Level 1 on, I liked it so much I added it to my Holiday Gift Guide for 2012, and bought one for Lulu.

The tower works best with small treats. I am using the animal crackers from the Petco treat bar here.

The listing on comes with a good video showing how the dog should get the treats. The dog should pull the white strings to get the slats out, making the treats fall through the tube.

Lulu, however, doesn't do it that way.

As you can see, Lulu uses her paws to pull the slats out. It works, however, it may not work as easy once I actually bolt it together. I haven't done it yet because I want to show this to the folks at Trixie at the expo, see if they can give me some tips.

You'll notice the red and yellow holes on the base.

Treats put under the cones, and the dogs are supposed to pull the cones out to get the treats. Lulu can sniff out the treats well enough, but she can't seem to get the cones out with her mouth, so she keeps trying to pull them out with her paws. I want to talk to them about that too.

Still, I see a lot of possibilities for training and getting the dog's mind active with this toy. Plus, it gives you a reason to give your dog treats. Just because Lulu doesn't have it down like in the video, doesn't mean another dog won't get it better.

  • Lots of ways to design a puzzle for the dog
  • Good for scenting
  • Very sturdy
  • Tougher than it appears
  • You need treats that fit, or you have to break up treats to fit
  • Has to be bolted together
Trixie has a full line of puzzle toys, and other pet products. You can see the full line of Trixie Pet Products on


  1. That toy looks fun! I want one!!! See you at Global!

  2. Oh dear...I am not sure I would have the patience for that. I might just have to tear it apart once and for all so I wouldn't have to "play" with the tower ever again.


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