Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 ways shelters can get people to adopt pets

Summer is a tough time for animal shelters. Lots of people are busy doing other, summer-type things.

As a consequence, shelters are full, and animals are in danger of cats and dogs being euthanized.

So here are five great ideas shelters can utilize to get more people in the doors, and maybe get more pets out of those doors and into loving homes.

1) Fun themed events.

Seminole County, FL has gotten an influx of kittens. So this event completely makes sense.

On Saturday from 10 a.m.  to 4 p.m.: 
 If you are looking to add a new family member stop by the Altamonte Petco and check out ALL the babies we'll have that need forever homes. Then travel on over to Ethos Vegan Kitchen and grab some lunch or dinner and support TEARS. Hope to see you there!
2)  Take really cute pictures of the dogs and cats in the shelter.

This is Shoeshine, a 10-month-old beagle at Osceola County Animal Services. He needs a home. You can tell he's not happy -- his tail is down. But he looks like he could be a great dog, right?

In Central Florida, we have a great volunteer group called Pawsitive Shelter Photography. They take great photos of pets as a way to show people their personalities. The group works with three shelters in my area -- Orange County, Osceola County and Seminole County.

Do you have great photography skills? Shelters need help getting better pictures so that the dogs and cats look their best. Consider offering to help them. 

3) Discounts. There is always a concern about the type of people who come in on a sale to get a pet. However, a sale can also be a great way to promote the shelter, and get people interested. 

Here's what Orange County Animal Services did for Fourth of July:

4) Show the possibilities a dog or cat can have as a pet. 

My friend Sheley Revis in North Carolina does these pictures to show how a shelter pet can be amazing.

McGrady was at a kill shelter in Ashe County, NC. On top of being in a rural shelter, he's deaf. But the volunteers kept him, and eventually he found Sheley. She trained McGrady using hand signs, and now he's an amazing dog with a foundation that raises money for rural shelters in North Carolina.

Sheley's goal is to show that shelter dogs have great possibility.

You can follow McGrady on Facebook.

5) Join up with local businesses for great events. SPCA of Central Florida partners up with local businesses to do some neat things. For instance,  California Pizza Kitchen and SPCA are having an event on July 20.

Know of any other ways shelters can promote their adoptable pets? Please share. I will share them here!


  1. These are really great ideas! I've recently started volunteering with different rescue organizations and shelters. Next week we have a volunteer meeting with one to generate ideas of how to make the adoption events more exciting. I'll be sure to have this post with me!

  2. The Oklahoma City shelter had an adoption event at a church one Sunday morning and adopted out over 200 animals. What a great idea! That might be something to think about!!!!! Shoeshine looks like a cutie! Fingers crossed that he finds a home soon! Thanks for joining the blog hop!


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