Monday, July 29, 2013

A good, stinky time: Fleet Peeples Park in Winter Park

If you're a dog owner in Central Florida, you've probably heard of Fleet Peeples Park. This Winter Park dog park is considered one of the best around. Most people love it, dogs love it.

But would Lulu and I love it?

Fleet Peeples is nestled along Lake Baldwin. And part of the lake is fenced in and available for the dogs to romp in the water. The park is huge! On top of the large off-leash area, there's also a big trail with a sidewalk that's great for a dog who wants to sniff around.

But not everyone likes Fleet Peeples. For one thing, there's no separate area for small dogs, like most area parks. That means yorkies are mixing with pits and aussies, and there are LOTS of them. For another, the park is not completely grassed. There's lots of dirt, which mixes with water from the lake and can make things quite muddy.

Then it appears not everyone is picking up after their dogs. I didn't see anything, but boy, could you smell it!

I don't think people are deliberately not picking up after their dog. I think it's tough to keep track of the pets because the area is so big.

Lulu had no problems making friends when we went. She ran a bit and played mostly with the small dogs. You could hear a few fights here and there, but generally the dogs all seemed to play well together.

Lulu didn't want to play in the lake, since she's not a big water fan. But it was really hot that day. She drank water from one of the drinking areas, but eventually she just laid down in the dirt.

Lulu didn't get dirty, but there is a dog wash area that's quite nice, right by the human restroom. There was a long line to use it. Everyone had towels with them.

Overall, I think it's a nice park. We will try to visit again when it's not so hot.

Fleet Peeples Park is located on Lakemont Avenue, on the shores of Lake Baldwin in Winter Park. It's not easy to get to, but if you go to the Friends of Fleet Peeples Park website, they have easy directions to get to the park.


  1. Glad you and Lulu had a great time. I've taken our beagles to dog parks around here and they love them, too. Beagles seem to get along with everyone. :)
    Neighbors About Town Blog

  2. Oh man! I dislike those dog wash stations as I always end up getting a wash! Looks like a great place, though!


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