Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Donating to SPCA

On Saturday Lulu, my friends, my Dad and I collected donations for SPCA's Meals on Wheels program.

We didn't have a great turnout this time compared to my event last October for Harbor House. But we got quite a bit of stuff!

So today Lulu and I dropped the donations we did get off to SPCA of Central Florida in Orlando. We had some very generous people come by and donate a bunch of food and treats.

SPCA has a program called Pet Food Xpress, which provides pet food for Meals on Wheels programs in Seminole, Orange and Osceola counties.

To help out, go to the SPCA of Central Florida's website.


  1. Great job Lulu! Looks like you might want to take a sample of that food for yourself ;)

  2. Terrific! Lulu makes a great Snoopervisor too!

  3. What a fantastic program! Our local community no longer has meals on wheels for people, let alone pets :-(

  4. Great job!!! I bet there are going to be some happy bellys with those treats.

  5. That is a fantastic program! We want to start something like that at my humane society but right now our donations are low but we do help people who come to us who are having difficulty.
    Thanks for helping your local shelter and spreading the word to maybe get more people to donate too.


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