Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beagle of the Week: Buttons the beagle, Pepper at SPCA

Getting back to business! Time for our Beagle of the Week.

As always, we start by introducing you to a beagle who needs a home.

This is Pepper.

There aren't too many details on Pepper. She's a beagle at SPCA of Central Florida. Given how much white is on her face, I'd say she's not a young beagle either. SPCA said she's spayed and house trained.

If you're interested in Pepper, her Pet ID is 193656.

Pepper is at SPCA of Central Florida in Orlando. The SPCA is not a kill shelter. Adoption fee includes not only all the dog's shots, microchipping and a free vet visit, it also includes two tickets to SeaWorld Orlando.

Please consider helping Pepper find a home.

You can go to Orlando Pets.org to see Pepper and find out about the adoption process. The facility is open seven days a week near Mall at Millenia on Conroy Road. They have lots of dogs and cats.

Of course, if Pepper is not your cup of tea, consider any of the other dogs and cats at the shelter. OR go across the way to Orange County Animal Shelter, where there are many dogs and cats in danger of being euthanized.

Now time for the Beagle of the Week!

Meet Buttons McFlurry!

Buttons is from Bali, Indonesia!

Buttons is the PR officer for Joe's Gone Diving, a scuba diving center in Bali.

Jan Verbruggen is Buttons parent. Here's what Jan had to say.

1) What is your beagle's name?
Buttons Mc Flurry (also know as Buttons the Beagle from Bali) is the name of our beagle, but we call her Butty or Muppet all the time

2) When did you get them?
We got her three years ago when she was a 12-week-old puppy

3) Where did you get them?
We got her her in Bali, from a petshop.

4) What's their favorite food?
McFlurry hence her surname, no rest in the house when McFlurry arrives, we don't give it to her very often, but with the heath here.

5) What's their favorite toy?
She has a few toys -- wubba and a stuffed Mickey mouse same size as her, which she likes to drag around and abuse .... you can find the stuffing everywhere.

6) Do they have any special skills (therapy dog, service dog, blog star, a lab beagle, a search dog, an agility star, show dog star, etc.)?
Buttons is our PR dog here in our dive center, she entertains the guest, and everyone knows her name, already before they arrive. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Buttons doesn't actually swim, Jan tells me. That's funny to me. Lulu doesn't like water either.)

7) What's the best thing about owning a beagle?
Such lovely personalities, they make you smile all day.

8) What's the worst thing about owning a beagle?

9) Anything you'd like to add?
Buttons has her own Facebook page (Buttons McFlurry), you can find her pictures and adventures over there, many guest become friends with her.

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  1. Adorable dogs - both of them! Hope Pepper finds a home for the holidays. Sharing.

  2. I will always have a place in my heart for Beagles. I once had one.

  3. Both beagles are so cute! I hope Pepper can find a home as happy as the one Buttons has!

  4. As one of the regular diving guests at Joe's,I can assure you that Buttons is a true star with a great personality.... One of my favourite dogs

  5. Pepper and Buttons are both adorable! I really hope Pepper finds her forever home soon. Seniors are so wonderful. I recently adopted one and she is snuggling next to me right now :)

    Also, I can't believe I haven't found your blog yet! I am a hound fanatic, including beagles! My mom has two, one of which was my foster dog. :)

    Good luck, Pepper! I am sharing :)

  6. As her grandparents we can say that we miss Buttons every day!

  7. They are both precious! Paws crossed that Pepper finds a home soon. Sharing.


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