Saturday, December 21, 2013

Meet my Secret Santa dog: Alfie the Entlebucher Mountain Dog

This is Alfie.

Alfie is not a beagle, but he can be mistaken for one. He's an Entlebucher Mountain dog. And he's my Secret Santa dog.

Alfie is a well-traveled dog. He's been to Holland, England and now he lives in California.

You don't see a lot of Entlebuchers around, but they are pretty awesome dogs. They are herding dogs from Switzerland.

Alfie is awesome. Not only does he have his own blog, which you can find at Alfie's, he also talks about the best toys to catch and chase, and running in parks! He also takes part in the Monday Mischief blog hop, so he is an expert in doggy mischief making, and teach your dogs a few things.

As you can see, he's also quite talented!

You can follow Alfie and his newly designed blog (which is very very cute!) here:


And if you go to the blog, check out his shop! Tons of cute stuff!


  1. Rooooooo - pawsome to sniff my blog out here *waggy tail*. I have a post you might want to read scheduled for Monday *waggy tail*

  2. Alfie is such a cutie! He has a great blog too :)

  3. ♡Alfie is my Hero! ♡
    VoffeliVoff :-)

  4. The secret Santa Dog. Thats my hero too,

  5. So beautiful and cute with that treat on his nose :). You are welcome to join Yourspecialdog Blog with a story about your dog.

  6. Alfie is gorgeous! Can't wait to read more of his blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. What a wonderful gift to our fabulous friend, Alfie. So glad you shared the love in the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange.

    I added your post to the linky tool so other people can come by to see your post. You'll find it here:

  8. Great post about Alfie! Thanks for joining us for the gift exchange this year. :)


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