Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PICTURES: Beagles, borzois and more at the AKC dog show in Orlando

The sound inside the Orange County Convention Center was deafening this weekend. Hundreds of dogs barking in a large cavernous room will cause that.

The AKC/ Eukanuba National Championship was held this weekend in Orlando. The event is the culmination of a week of festivities, including show competitions, agility, dock diving, grooming and a showcase of dozens of breeds.   

Take a look at some of my pictures from the weekend:

At the National Beagle Club table at Meet the Breeds. Santa beagle gets photo bombed.
The sisters, Birdie and Fergie. Fergie won an award of merit in competition.

Here's Fergie with her ribbon.
Lulu's trainer, Adam, assists Lina, one of the national trainers for Petco with a Training Basics demo.
A young girl in the ring for the Junior Handler's Competition. She's only 9 and she's working with a great dane.
The Borzoi group held a Blessing of the Dogs ceremony Saturday. Here, Father Sergei blesses a borzoi.
Lagotto Romagnolo. I had never heard of this. It's an ancient Italian breed that now hunts truffles!
Spinone Italiani! I want one!
Everything at the poodle booth was in camo. This group wants it known poodles are not wussified French doggies. They're German hunting dogs.
This young lady is showing Berger Picards. She actually breeds them, and she's a teenager.
The borzoi cart. Every year the Borzoi clubs give people rides on this "sleigh."

I have more pictures, this is just a sampling. As always a fun event with lots to see and learn about dogs. Plan on being there next year.

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