Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dogs love peanut butter! Happy National Peanut Butter Day

Lulu's peanut butter jar. She likes Skippy.
Saturday is National Peanut Butter Day. So of course, I had to share some with Lulu. This beagle loves her peanut butter. She can hear a jar open on the other side of the apartment.

This is Lulu's Heartgard. I had to give it to her anyway, so I put on a dollop of peanut butter. 

Look at those eyes! She is excited!

She took it down in one gulp though! No lip smacking! I don't know about you, but if you don't enjoy a dog eating peanut butter, you probably have no soul.

So I pulled out a spoon and... well, here's how she took it.
(May not be available on mobile)

So I know what you'll ask -- is peanut butter even good for dogs?

Actually peanut butter is: in small doses. It's great for giving your pet a pill, or mixing it with fruit and yogurt for a special treat. Or you can do what I do and just give her a spoonful. Just one spoonful. Or stuff some in a Kong and freeze it for a busy treat.

Peanut butter is a good source of protein and vitamins too. Not just for your pet, but for you. Just try to stick to the natural peanut butters. If you can, go completely natural -- no salt or sugar.

Just be aware: like people, dogs can get peanut allergies too. They can develop over time. You might see itching, redness and bald spots. Those are pretty telltale signs for most food allergies.

Now, if you have some culinary skill, you could try your hand at making peanut butter treats! Head over to our buddies at Kol's Notes for all kinds of peanut butter treats.


  1. I must be the only dog on the planet who does NOT like peanut butter. Oh well.

    1. What?! What is wrong with you! ;) That's ok, Oz, we love you anyway.

  2. National Peanut Butter Day, huh?

    My husband loves to eat it right out of the jar. And of course I keep it around for Kongs etc for Honey. I've had to buy a separate jar with Honey's nam on it or my husband will eat in minutes.

    It is a good source of protein. But it's awfully high in calories. Probably not an issue for skinny Honey but I have to remind my husband sometimes.

    Honey thinks Lulu has great taste.


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