Monday, March 31, 2014

Get involved: Beagle Freedom Bill helps dogs and cats in labs

The beagles on the left are testing cigarettes. It know it's a tough image to see I know, but it needs to be seen.

Every day researchers use thousands of beagles to test cigarettes, household cleaners, chemicals,  pharmaceuticals and sometimes cosmetics. Beagles are the number one breed used in labs. They're sweet and trusting dogs, as we all know. But that sweetness is a curse.

What's worse is what happens after. After years of experimentation, years in a cage without a kind word or touch, without love or affection, without decent food or a bed, these animals are killed.

That's it. They are bred, live and die for research.

Beagle Freedom Project is trying to change that.

 The Beagle Freedom Bill is currently working its away through the California and Minnesota legislatures. What it does is compel publicly-funded facilities to release dogs and cats used in testing into the care of rescue groups. 

Beagle Freedom Project is the group behind the bill. They've rescued 150 beagles since 2010. They've also saved other dogs used in research, as well as cats, rabbits, pigs and ponies.

The problem is, many facilities are unwilling to release the animals. They are afraid they will be publicly criticized for using animals.


Right now the bill is in the California and Minnesota legislatures. Beagle Freedom Project has an action page where you can contact legislators, sign petitions and download materials to help spread awareness.

The  bill is also expected to be introduced in the New York legislature this session.

What about your state?
"While we are busy supporting campaigns in all these places for the bill’s passage we are also looking towards the future and investigating other opportunities to introduce," said Kevin Chase, director of operations with the Beagle Freedom Project. 

"That being said, we are a small organization with a limited staff and budget, and from that budget we can only spend 15 percent on political activities. With the three states we are in at present we are pretty much at our capacity for this session."

But next year, if you are interested in getting the bill passed in your state, BFP might be willing to work with you to make that happen.

You'll need to have sponsors in the legislature -- that means talking to your local lawmakers. 

If you're interested, contact BFP at:

Bogart and Indie, rescued beagles.

In the U.S. House, Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia) is trying to end cosmetics testing in America -- H.R. 4148.

The bill would end testing on animals and also phase out the sale of cosmetics that are tested on animals in foreign countries.

Moran points to LUSH cosmetics as an example of a successful company that markets beauty products that are not tested on animals.

The bill has 22 co-sponsors but it's only been referred to one committee. 

A bill like this will require more bipartisan support. It also needs a companion bill in the U.S. Senate. 

How can you help? Find your representative on the U.S. House site and tell them that you want the bill to move forward.

The only reason that these laboratories exist is because they are successful at keeping it their dirty little secret. - See more at:
The only reason that these laboratories exist is because they are successful at keeping it their dirty little secret. - See more at:
The only reason that these laboratories exist is because they are successful at keeping it their dirty little secret. - See more at:

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