Thursday, October 9, 2014

How does your doggy cuddle? 10 cuddling beagles

Sometimes I just want to cuddle my dog.

Don't get me wrong, I love to blog. But between blogging and working, sometimes my dogs don't get the love I think they should.

So some days, I turn off the computer, and love on my dogs. But while Jasmine loves it, Lulu is not as much of a fan. She really has to be in the mood -- either because I've been on a trip or she's cold or something.

Experts will tell you dogs don't like to be hugged. Some trainers even say that, to a dog, putting your hands (paws) around the dog is a form of dominance.

But it seems some dogs do like to cuddle. Some dog breeds are even known for being particularly snuggly, according to Note beagles don't make that list.

So I asked my followers on Facebook to show me their snuggling doggies. And apparently quite a few enjoy a good cuddle! (lucky ducks). Here are 10 adorable photos. And be sure to head to my Facebook page to see more.

PHOTO/Andrea Beth
PHOTO/Nathalia Pineiro

PHOTO/Jackie Bouchard (and Rita)

PHOTO/Kerri Temos Tollinger.

PHOTO/Christina Reece (And Jackson)

PHOTO/Kathleen Klunk

PHOTO/Mis Marie
PHOTO/Jeanine Wright-Decker (and Baxter)
PHOTO/Rachelle Bankhead (and Bernadette)
PHOTO/Genea Kercheval (and Daisy)


  1. Love all the pics! Everyone looks so happy & cuddly. :)

  2. Awww, such sweet pics! Thanks for including Rita and me!

  3. Oh, such sweet photos :-) You're making me miss my childhood Beagle.


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