Sunday, October 19, 2014

Take our survey and enter to WIN: How can we make Life With Beagle better?

UPDATE: A number of people have checked out this post, but no one has commented on it. This is a reminder that if you answer the survey you MUST enter the Rafflecopter and comment below with the word "Done" in order to be entered to win a giftcard. To make it easier on people, I will remove the captcha code on comments.

We've been thinking a lot about what we do here lately. Now it's your turn to tell us what you think. Keep reading.

"I'm thinking... I'm thinking...."
When we started this blog two years, almost three years ago, Lulu and I set out to talk about what life is like for a beagle and a new pet owner.

A lot has changed since then. I'm not a new pet owner, and sometimes I have a hard time writing like I am. I sometimes worry that our focus is all over the place.

I just decided to take down the Orlando Pet Event Calendar, for instance. I just don't know that my readers are getting much from it.

I want to know what YOU think of my blog!

"What DO you think? Huh? HUH?!"
Why do you come here? What stories do you want to see? Where can we improve?

Here's your chance to tell me what you think!

It's not a long survey -- but it will tell me a lot about the direction we should take Life With Beagle in.

In exchange for your help, you'll be entered to win a $15 gift card!

Pick one: Petco, PetSmart or Amazon. I will send you a $15 gift card.

All you have to do is take the survey, and then enter the Rafflecopter. Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter, and also comment below with "DONE!"

Don't delay though, this giveaway is only good through Oct. 31! Take the survey today!

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  1. :-) Did it! Mmmm but had issue with the numbering ... but at least my top 3 is correct. Golden Woofs

    1. I guess I'm suppose to use the word "DONE" to be entered on your giveaway :-) Woofs

  2. Thanks a bunch Sugar! Actually, I figured Done was just easier for people to make sure they entered the raffle. I couldn't think of what else to have people comment to say. You're good! Thank you.


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