Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hey dogs, show us your raspberries!

Tuesday was National Raspberry Tart Day! Amazingly, there's no such thing as National Raspberry Day.

Now when I think raspberry, I don't just think fruit. I think this:

So Tuesday I asked everyone: show me your raspberries! And here they are:

Here's Roro:
Courtesy Laurie Maki 
Here's Bruin:
Courtesy Golden Daily Scoop
Here's Malchik:
Courtesy A Dog's Dish
And here's Poncho:
Courtesy My Hope Whispers
And Jon Farleigh:
Courtesy Chronicles of Cardigan
Herbie the beagle:
Courtesy Number loving Beagle
Here's Ducky!
Courtesy Sue Rabe Oakes.
Here's Lesley Roberts' beagle:

And then there's Mojo:

Courtesy Erin Didio Medina.
How about Shiner:
Courtesy My Pawsitively Pets
Jada and Everett from The Chestnut Mutts:

Daisy the French Bulldog:
Courtesy Daisy the French Bulldog
And finally -- the KING of the doggy raspberries -- DEXTER of Fidose of Reality!

Show us your doggy raspberries! Head to our Facebook or Twitter pages and post your pics!


  1. We think first of the berries since they are Mom's favs and we love them too, but your collection is more fun!

    1. Ooooh... you should take pics with some berries, Emma! I didn't know dogs could eat those.

  2. What a fun idea! All those photos put a smile on my face this morning. :)

  3. We are BOL at all those adorable raspberries! Thanks for including Bruin!

  4. I love it!! Luna does this all the time, but I missed the deadline to send you a picture! Now, I want some raspberry tart too!
    -Jessica from Beagles & Bargains

  5. Haha - love it! Such a cute idea and lots of fun. That's one of my favorite pictures of Shiner :) such a goofball.

  6. Excellent raspberries! I loved them all.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  7. Raspberries are wonderful, and so are Dexter and gang!

  8. Everybody looks super adorable and happy!

  9. Nothing like a bunch of raspberries to brighten up your day! Thanks...

  10. Bella does not like fruits..

  11. these pictures are freakin cute hahaha


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