Thursday, February 14, 2013

Countdown to Global Pet Expo -- Thundershirt

We are counting down to the Global Pet Expo, which is next week in Orlando!

Some of you may have remember my Diary of Lulu in a Thundershirt. Read that link if you haven't. Lulu and I spent a week trying the Thundershirt -- not to see if it would stop her barking at thunder or fireworks, but to help her calm down and refocus when we are on walks and things.

Lulu in her Thundershirt the day she graduated from first class.
How does it work? Thundershirt says works with the same method as swaddling a baby, or methods used to help people with autism. It provides a level of safety and security for the animal, so they don't get as anxious.

It's been about a month since we first began that experiment. 

Since then, we've had some progress. She still barks at dogs when she sees them on our walks. But I have an easier time controlling her, for the most part. It depends on the dog we run into.

It's also easier to get her to do things like this when we are out and about. Normally she would be too distracted by what's going on around her to sit so well. We took this at Paws in the Park in Downtown Orlando.

So we still like the Thundershirt. It's not a perfect solution, but this, combined with training should make things easier as we move forward. I really want her to eventually be able to take the Canine Good Citizenship test. I also want to take her to Barkworld later this year without her causing raucouses.

So, Pros:
  • Slightly calmer, less distracted Lulu
  • Better able to refocus her
  • Made for all sizes
  • Made for cats too
  • The price is $40
  • It's machine washable, but it doesn't always clean easily
  • It needs to be put on right, otherwise it doesn't work

DISCLAIMER: I received my Thundershirt from my trainer on a loan. I did not get one from the company.

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