Sunday, February 24, 2013

Global Pet Expo Day 2: Lulu goes to the expo

Lulu made a big splash at Global Pet Expo Thursday. Check it out.

Lulu and I skipped a breakfast Thursday morning, since I didn't want to disturb anybody. If Lulu saw a dog, she'd probably start barking in the middle of some big wig talking. That proved true quite often.

Take a look at who Lulu met today! There was a bit of barking online, but really Lulu did quite well while we waited for the Dog Whisperer. I told him that six months ago this wouldn't be possible with her. He asked how I was doing, though. Good question. And I know, I still have a lot to learn about that.

We also fitted Lulu for some product samples. These are Doggles! Lulu is not thrilled by them, but they look cool. They are also good for her eyes, particularly when we're in the car.

 Next was a Kumfytailz harness, designed to keep her core cool in the summer time.

There's Angel and Pepper of Pepper's Paws. We kept running into them. But the two eventually got to be ok with each other.

We also checked out Multipet International, makers of particularly nostalgic dog toys.

She got to meet Woody Woodpecker!

Thirsty pup! We stopped to check out some booth, and Lulu quenched her thirst at the Modgy booth. Modgy sells a special clip on travel bottle and bag that you can use when traveling with your dog.

Chuckits! I have to say, Lulu was more interested in treats than toys. (By the way, sorry the pics from today are a little blurry. Not easy with a beagle)

By now Lulu is slowing down, and so am I. She laid down at one point next to Macaroni Kennedy, one of the presidential pet stars on the floor of the press room.

Notice that she's wearing her Thundershirt in all these pics. We got lots of questions about the Thundershirt and how it works. We talked about it on our blog. We also got a sample of the Anxiety Wrap, which is a different brand. We are going to test that out too and see if it's any different. You can read my Thundershirt review here.

Lulu was too tired to sit for our final pics at the expo Thursday. But this gives you an idea of how big this expo is.

We'll be back to wrap things up tomorrow!

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  1. What a GREAT TIME!!!!! Great photos! How cool that you met Cesar!!
    That WAS Pepper I saw on the Today Show! They showed her walking by in her stroller!

    1. Yeah -- she didn't even know until later that evening! We had a lot of fun together. We'll have more today for Day 3.

  2. Looks like Lulu had a great time. I love the photo of Pepper and Angel.

    1. It was great! Day 3 comes out today. By the way, I talked to one of the booths about getting you and Emmy contact info for blog posts about fish and hamsters.


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