Saturday, May 4, 2013

Star Wars Day: May the fourth be with mew!

Happy Star Wars Day!

Lulu is dressed like an ewok! I know she looks more like Yoda, but I couldn't get her ears back. Besides, she has more of an ewok's personality!

I love Star Wars. I grew up on it, and you never let that go. So I love it when we can mix pets and Star Wars together!

Here's some of my favorite doggy YouTube videos!

1) The Bark Side: by Volkswagen

2) Jedi Dogs
3) Jedi Kitten with the Force

And, here's some cool new costumes (hopefully) coming out this Halloween! I saw them at Global Pet Expo and they are sweet!

May the Fourth be with you!


  1. Love the Bark Vadar video and the Jedi Cat! Made me giggle! Star Wars dog costumes? Will have to get one! Not sure Alfie will like it though.. :)

    1. They are so awesome looking in person. Lulu HATES things on her head though. Wonder if I can convince mom to do it with one of her dogs....


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