Friday, May 31, 2013

Where to shop cruelty-free: Cosmetics stores

When it comes to animal-testing, few areas have been more controversial than cosmetics. There are however a number of great companies out there that go cruelty-free.

But this is where I am at a loss. I've never been much into makeup, so this is not something I can speak from experience about.

So I asked Brittany Minor, who runs a well-known beauty blog called "Clumps of Mascara," to tell you some of her favorite cruelty-free products, and where to find them. Take it away, Brittany!

Guys and gals who love their furry friends and want to support cruelty-free cosmetics may think that cruelty-free items are difficult to find. Nope! Many brands are jumping on the bandwagon of animal kindness and cruelty-free products can now be found at just about every big name store. I’ve made a list of some of my favorite stores and the cruelty-free products that you can find there.

Sephora is a beauty lover’s playground. I hear angels singing every time I step foot in the massive store. However, the best way to look for cruelty-free brands at Sephora is by checking their online site. Most of the same brands sold online are sold in stores but the descriptions and ingredient information for brands and their products’ will be super beneficial to cruelty-free shoppers.

Some of my favorite cruelty-free brands at Sephora? Check out Tarte, Urban Decay and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

Photo courtesy of Ulta.

Ulta is another specialty beauty store and I love them because they not only offer higher-end brands, but they have drugstore brands as well. Like Sephora, navigating their website to do a search on “cruelty-free” products is probably your best bet. I’ve also found that their salesgirls and salesguys are super helpful and can lead you in the direction of cruelty-free beauty products. My favorite Cruelty-free brands at Ulta include NYX, ecoTools brushes and Bare Minerals.

On a budget and would rather spend money on products that haven’t been sitting in warehouses for months at a time? I love shopping at Etsy because I really enjoy supporting smaller brands. If you’re looking into dabbling into mineral makeup, skincare products and lip balms, Etsy is fabulous place to head to. Aside from finding many vegan and all natural brands, most beauty brands on Etsy are cruelty-free.
  • So, what are some of your favorite cruelty-free beauty products? Would you consider changing your makeup to go cruelty-free? Tell us below.
For product reviews, beauty tips and more, head to Clumps of Mascara, or check Brittany out on Twitter @clumpsofmascara.  

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  1. I recently found Sephora at my local JCPenney store, and was so excited! The girls that work there are SO much help. Not all the brands they carry are cruelty free, but they have a list so I can find the ones that are. Right now I am liking and mostly using Tarte. It is more expensive than the stuff I used to buy at the department stores, but for me it is worth it. I also don't wear a lot of make-up, mostly just the basics, so that makes it a bit easier for me. I love this series you have going, and will be reading all of the posts in it when I have time!


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