Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cruelty-free Review: Method laundry detergent

We continue to review products that do not test on animals, as part of our cruelty-free challenge!

It's laundry day! We bought this little bottle of Method laundry detergent during our trip to Target. We know it's cruelty-free, but will it work?

Today, we'll be doing a load of Lulu's things.

Lulu's blanket.

Lulu's towel (From I Love Pet Head, we'll talk about these products later. They are great!)

Lulu's Anxiety Wrap, inside out.

And Lulu's Thundershirt. This will require a squirt of detergent for stain spotting. Lulu decided to pee at the park, and then roll in it.

Since it's a small load, we only need two squirts of laundry detergent. Method is highly concentrated, which is why the bottle is so small.

And while that's washing, I cuddle Lulu... And we play with her bunny...

And after a quick switch over to the dryer....

We have clean clothes! Particular the Thundershirt, which even smells better!

And Lulu is happy to have her blanket back!

 As good as Method laundry detergent is, it's not cheap.

A 25 load bottle is $7.99 at Target normally. A 50-load bottle is $14.99. You can also buy a bottle refill for $20 that includes 100 loads of detergent.

But if you want to try it out, you can also buy a small bottle for $2.99 that holds 8 loads.

You can find Method at Target, BJ's Wholesale Club, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lowe's, and numerous supermarkets across the country, including Waldbaums's, Wegmans, Kroger, and more. It's also available in Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

Find out where to find Method products by you on the company website.


  1. Thanks for the review on the detergent! I love Method products and use them for dish washing, dish washer and granite counter cleaner. They smell wonderful and do a great job.

    1. I tried the window cleaner, and i wasn't as happy as I could be. It was streaky.

  2. Thanks for the review. I'll look out for that here in the UK.

  3. This is nice information blog. Thanks for Sharing.


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