Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dog food bowl -- personalized! product review

Every once in a while I think we all like our pets to have something an little fancy. But we also want it to be functional, right?

So when asked me to pick some personalized pet products to review, I jumped at the chance to review the "Not So Fast" dog bowl. uses laser engraving to personalize the pet items. I will say that the engraving itself is pretty good. Lulu and I are generally rough on things, and we've had this bowl at least a month and a half and that engraving still looks new. And it's a sturdy stainless steel bowl. It also can fit into an elevated bowl stand if you want that. A stand can also aid digestion.

You get to choose up to 12 characters to engrave on the item, in the font of your choice (I chose Lucida, it's my favorite).

But... is a "Not So Fast" bowl worth the money? It is if your pet is a gobbler. Eating too fast can lead to digestion problems.

I actually timed Lulu with this bowl, and a regular pet bowl.

The not-so-fast bowl has 2.5 quart volume, according to, so while it seems like a big bowl, it fills up fast.

I put in 2 cups of kibble -- Lulu's daily serving.

And timed Lulu eating.

She finished the bowl in 4 minutes, 48 seconds. (I should have taken a picture of the finished time on the stop watch, I didn't)

A few days later I filled a regular bowl with Lulu's 2 cups of kibble, and set the bowl down.

And she finished in 3 minutes, 35 seconds, and that was with me dropping something in the sink on accident and interrupting her (she gave me a dirty look).

Does a minute make a difference? Trust me, Lulu is burping like crazy over here, so it does.

The Not So Fast bowl is $19 with the engraving, which is pretty comparable to non-engraved stainless steel dog bowls on Amazon or Petco.


  • Slows Lulu's speed eating
  • Stainless steel
  • Deep laser engraving
  • Reasonably priced
  • The bowls only come in one size. If you have a pomeranian, you may not want so big a bowl. Or it may not matter to you.
  • Takes a little longer to get, since it has to be engraved. So you could wait a couple weeks to get your bowl. 
Not looking for a new dog bowl? has collars, leashes, beds, and even a doggy backpack that can all be personalized. They also have a selection of non-personalized items, from toys to gates.
  • Have you ever done any personalized items for your pets? 
Full discloser: I recieved the Not So Fast bowl for free from


  1. Mom has been DYING to get one of those bowls for me because she says I eat waaaaay too fast!
    That is a great bowl and I love how it is personalized!
    None of my bowls are personalized!
    Barks and licks and love,

    1. It really is a nice bowl. And you could get it personalized in your own style, Dakota!

  2. Artie wears a personalized bandana. I love it because now people can see his name instead of asking me when we are out and about.

    1. I can understand that! Though I still get questions, even after, with Lulu.

      I sent your giveaway prize out, by the way. Hope you saw that.

  3. I like the pictures of your four footed friend at the top of the page. My favorite is the laughing pose in picture two.

    As to the Not So Fast Bowl, it is a good idea. I think all dog owners will admit that their little friend gobbles down things a bit too quickly. Sometimes I wonder where all of it goes? I'm talking about small breed adult dogs here. They will just eat till they feel sick if you let them.


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