Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rescue a pet at an Orlando area animal shelter

There's a disturbing trend happening at the animal shelters in the Orlando area.

More and more pets have been coming into a shelters, and fewer are coming out and going to forever homes.

Nebula is a seven-year-old beagle at Orange County Animal Shelter. She needs to be out this weekend.
Local TV station News 13 (FULL DISCLOSURE: I work for them) did a story last week, where at least three shelters -- Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, Osceola County Animal Shelter in St. Cloud and Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach are all operating at full capacity.

It's not just dogs either, it's cats too. The shelters say they're seeing more pregnant cats coming in as well. That means kittens being born in the shelter.]

Many of the shelters are doing low-cost or no-cost adoption events to get pets out to homes. But more come in every day. And these shelters ARE NOT No-kill. That means animals could be euthanized.

We at Life With Beagle are not sure what is going on at, but what we do know is these shelters need help.

Here is a list of county animal shelters around Orlando:

You can also always adopt from animal rescue groups, and also area SPCA and Humane Society shelters.

These easiest way to find a pet is through Petfinder.com. Many of the area's animal rescue groups are on there.


  1. So sad:( Hope she finds a forever home. Thanks for joining the blog hop.

  2. Yes, intakes at shelters nationwide always seem to spike in the summer. It's often called "puppy season/kitten season" because so many animals come in pregnant or having given birth recently. Shelters pretty much remain at capacity year-round, but summer is the absolute worst! They are so overwhelmed!
    The too many in/not enough out problem could be pretty much solved if everyone would spay/neuter, along with puppy mills being eradicated. Just dreams, though, for now.
    Nebula is a beautiful Beagle. I pray she was adopted in time!


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