Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Every dog in the pool!

Lulu is not often big on getting in the swimming pool, even the little kiddie pools at Dr. Phillips Dog Park.

But she did today:

By the way -- the high in Orlando was 94 degrees today. And that ain't no dry heat!


  1. You are super brave, Lulu! My humans tried to get me into the kiddy pool a few weeks ago, and I was not at all amused!

  2. Same here in Fresno, CA, but before & during agility tonight Riley got drenched with a couple of bowls of water...

    Looks like everyone was having fun in the kiddie pool!!

  3. Aww good job Lulu! Still jealous of your Vine video hehe!

  4. Okay we are back!!

    Riley and I wanted to let you know we nominated your blog for two blogging awards. The details are on our website:

  5. Good fur Lulu!!! I usually just like to dip my paws in, but when it's hot, watch out!

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