Saturday, June 15, 2013

Help foster the pet of a military member

This is Marley. This dog's owner surrendered him to Pasco County Animal Services. Marley was euthanized in May.

Marley's owner was a service member who was going overseas.

Unfortunately, when these service members have to go on tour, their pets can't come with them. Or, if they live on military bases, some have breed restrictions.

But there are some groups out there that try to help by finding foster homes while the service members are on deployment, or trying to finding a home.

So here is a list of some great groups that care for pets while the troops are away:
  • PACT for Animals: This group, which advocates for all kinds of animal rights issues, has a foster program for members of the military with pets who are going oversees. If you want to help them, check out their site.
  •  Dogs on Deployment: This site has a database for military members searching for someone to care for their pets while they are overseas. People can sign up to foster or help on their website.
  • Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets: This group offers all kinds of help for military families with pets, including some foster help. Check out their programs here.
  • Sundance Pet Resort: Sundance in Independence, KY is part of a coalition of kennels that are donating space for dogs of people on deployment. Find more information on the Sundance website.
  • Some no-kill shelters may also take on the pets of military members. It's best to ask ahead of time.
 Also, the American Humane Association has information on what service members should do if they need a foster family for their pet. That list of tips can be found here.

Need more convincing?

Hopefully, by posting this, more pets will be spared Marley's fate.

I leave you with a collection of videos of dogs happily reunited with their military service member owners. This was posted on Huffington Post.


  1. Those are neat programs. It's said when people make the choice to give their life for our country but then have to give so much up....including losing their pet forever :(

  2. These are such great programs...I've shared your post all over

  3. Oh, that just breaks my heart. It shouldn't have to happen. I will be sharing your post and hoping that getting the word out might help!

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