Monday, November 25, 2013

Nudges -- USA made jerky for USA dogs *SPONSORED*

I rarely if ever give Lulu jerky treats because I normally just feel it's the safest thing to do. With all these recalls, how can you know that the product is safe? Especially since a lot of these companies are getting ingredients from China.

So when I was offered the chance to review Nudges treats, I was wary, but intrigued.

Nudges is manufactured by Tyson Pet Products, division of Tyson Foods (the chicken people). They also make True Chews and Top Chews. They also make beef bully sticks and pork ears.

Tyson uses American grown chicken, and produces the treats in a plant in Independence, Iowa. So they are Made in the USA dog treats. They just recently began expanding that plant, according to an Iowa TV station. Interesting story, Tyson closed that plant in 2006, but reopened it to begin making pet treats (proof of the growing power of the pet industry).

Anyway, Nudges sent me an Lulu a package of their Vitamin Essentials chicken jerky treats. The ingredients include a number of vitamins, but no fillers.

But the ingredients are approved by the FDA and by AAFCO (which monitors pet food).

Lulu, of course, loved them.

A lot. She tried to rip the bag open and wouldn't sit for a picture with the unopened bag.

And she certainly enjoyed them.

One thing they also have on their website is a feeding chart, so you know how much to give your dog depending on their size. For instance, Lulu gets up to three.

So, how can you get some?

Nudges are sold at Walmart and at Kroger, and a few other stores. The website has a store locator.

You can also get a dollar off coupon by going to the Nudges Facebook page and liking it. You can also talk to Nudges on Twitter with @NudgesDogTreats.

DISCLAIMER: "I have written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network  for Nudges . I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats , but we only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers."


  1. Great review Christie. I could hardly get my own dog to sit still with these treats as well. She was too excited!

  2. Ma couldn't get me to sit still very long neither when I tasted those Nudges so we had to do video. I was trying to do all my tricks thinking I would get more for pawticipation but ma wasn't fooled one bit.

  3. Lulu knocked down her cookie jar to get to them! But she knocked it into the kitchen sink, so she never was able to get the bag.

  4. Great post! Our dogs LOVE Nudges. I don't trust the feeding guidelines for our dogs - it's not that Nudges is wrong, it's that every dog is different and I know that our dogs tend to pack it on if we're not careful.

    They go crazy for these treats. It just blows me away.

  5. All i can say about jerky is that it is a healthy food. Apart from this it is also a good snack food rich in proteins. My pet will love this.


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