Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beagle of the week: Pebbles the rescue, plus beagle at Orange County shelter

UPDATE: Turns out this beagle below was not a stray dog, but a lost dog. But now he's a found dog, and back with his family! Woohoo!

Please go to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando to check out the other dogs who need homes and share them. There's English bulldogs, a cane corso, poodles, jack russells, chihuahuas, and bull breeds too. And lots of cats.

You can contact the shelter at 407-254-9140, or head to the website.

Now for our Beagle of the Week!

Meet Pebbles, a beagle rescue who has brought joy to her family.

Kayla Weiner is one of the followers on my Facebook page (are you following Life With Beagle on Facebook? Join now!). Here's what she said about her baby:

1) What is your beagle's name? 
Pebbles; nicknames: Goose (for silly goose because she has her moments of being silly), wiggle butt (her but wiggles when she's happy or really excited, her tail moves it so quickly it's adorable watching her wiggle and walk).  

2) When did you get them? 
I adopted her in July 2012 from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue. About 2 months after we lost our first beagle after complications with surgery trying to remove a tumor from his liver (he passed way too early). 
3) Where did you get them? 

Adopted her from a local rescue group. 

4) What's their favorite food? 
Chicken and bacon. She is not full beagle, especially known since she is not swayed by food at all! But when we were at the adoption event she was CRAZY for the bacon flavored treats they had and knew exactly where to go (table/person) to get them. 

While picking apples.
5) What's their favorite toy? 

She loves an unstuffed hedgehog toy; she's unstuffed it, de-squeaked it and still loves it. we tried getting her a replacement and she plays with it, but if given the option, she goes for the unstuffed one. 
6) Do they have any special skills (therapy dog, service dog, blog star, a lab beagle, a search dog, an agility star, show dog star, etc.)? 

No apparent special skills. She is a good girl around kids -- seems to really love them. Not sure of her history, though, either. 

7) What's the best thing about owning a beagle? 

I love their personalities. The are just such amazing dogs to be around. I love their howls. Just about everything about her. 

8) What's the worst thing about owning a beagle? 

How stubborn they can be!!

9) Anything you'd like to add? 
 Am planning to start a fb page and twitter, but haven't yet. I love cuddle time with her. In April and through the summer we had a scare with her: very low red blood cells. We went to her regular vet, had lots of tests done, then had to see a specialist and even more tests; was on steroids and other medicines much of hte summer. Became so unlike herself that it was terribly sad. But then in September, when we were decreasing all her meds and prepping ourselves for a splenectamy, her RBC went up. It's a mystery, but at the moment she seems to be doing very well. Is slowly becoming herself again and more -- finally wants to play and even plays with other dogs. 
She loves going in the car for rides. Has been on several road trips with us. Is such a good girl -- sweet and quiet. Most people are her best friends. And if she doesn't respond well to someone, I know to stay away from them. 
She is so good with kids. Lets them pull on her and play with her ears and tail (while I remind them to be gentle), but she just licks them and wags her tail and looks pretty -- neighborhood kids all know her and run to greet her when they see us. 
She will find a place to burrow and sleep anywhere. If there's a blanket or cloth like substance around, she'll make it hers. Often the laundry piles make great beds. 
 She loves to bury her bones (treats, chew sticks, w/e), but has this adorable distraught sound when she can't find a good place -- but she's gotten to the point of letting the family help her locate good hiding places. If all else fails, she hides them in my clothes (while I wear them) or in my bed -- I never know what I'm going to find in it when we finally head to bed. 
She was pregnant when the rescue group found her; had been wandering, but don't know for how long. It's a pretty good guess that she had other litters (at least one other); and unfortunately she was not able to keep the litter she was carrying. But I know she was a good momma. Man oh man, I could go on!!

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  1. Please share with Kayla - I had a lovely Beagle who developed anemia; we gave her iron, and she seemed to perk up. About a year or less later, she went off her feed (she was a true Beagle - LOL), so I was concerned. Again, her RBC and HGB were low so we restarted on iron. I was home for the two days she was off, then she drank so I went into my 8 hr shift; I found her dead when I came home :(. A necropsy showed a hemangioma on her spleen which burst. So, yes, watch her spleen and perhaps XR her abdomen for tumors. I hope it doesn't recur. Pebbles shows how many Beagles grey early in the face...not a sign of aging necessarily.

  2. Roberta, thank you so much for the heads up!! Her docs are all keeping a close eye on her (and so are we). They did find a growth on her spleen during all the test we had to do, so we know that there will be something to deal with, but they didn't feel like it was at all related to the low RBC; and they checked on it again 3 months later and it had not grown, so they weren't concerned still. We actually took her in originally because she wasn't wanting to eat (and even more lethargic than normal -- or what we thought was normal). She was curious about all food, but didn't beg or demand ours (like the first beagle did). It really makes me wonder what she's mixed with! As for age, we have no clue how old she really is. We were told approx 1-3 when we got her and as we saw so many doctors, they all kept upping her age. So we think about 5-7. But no idea how accurate that is. The graying has increased in the last year, though. Kind of amazing how quickly it can change. Thanks again!

    1. Lulu will be five in May and she has been graying quite a bit in the face. It's just what happens to beagles, right?

  3. Sad that he doesn't have a name yet. Hope he finds a home. Sharing.

  4. I am so happy he was reunited with his family!


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