Thursday, November 28, 2013

On this Thanksgiving, showing love to my friends

Over the last year and a half, I've made some awesome friends through blogging. So I thought Thanksgiving would be a great time to show them some love. Please check out their blog, and comment below and tell me what your favorite blog is. I am just sorry I can only post some of them.

My Sentiments Exactlee: I always considered blogging, but Lee was the one who actually nudged me in the right direction. She blogs reviews, giveaways, entertainment, that sort of thing. She's been a great friend and mentor.

Then, there are my pet blogging friends!

Carma Poodale and Bunny Allen: I met Carma and Bunny through #Petchat on Twitter and BlogPaws. It's been great meeting her at conferences and chatting with her almost daily. She's become a great help with writing about shelters, which is what she knows about. She works with the Owensboro Humane Society in Kentucky. And Carma is Bunny's service dog.

Pepper Pom and Angel: Another #Petchat alum! Pepper is Angel's service dog, and the two make a great pair. They're also fellow Floridians. Angel and Pepper are the authority on pet products -- want to know what a product is like, they review it. They've been really helpful in teaching me about products, product reviews, talking to PR groups, service dogs and more. 

Emmy and Carol Bryant (Courtesy of Emmy)
Emmy Scammahorn of Emmy Sits: Emmy is a great friend. She's very funny, and fun to be with. I enjoy talking to her on #Petchat. She always has great advice because she's cared for so many animals, plus she can see things from the small animal perspective as an avowed hamster lover.

Edna at Nutro: Edna and I got to be good friends through #Petchat, but she is also like my personal Nutro dog food representative. When I first started, it was Edna and Renee from Nutro who were there for me and gave me advice on how to freed Lulu well. Edna has a blog called Mancat Musings about her two men -- Troyer and Panky, two very handsome black kitties.

Carol Bryant and Dexter: On top of being BlogPaws' PR person, she also runs a blog called Fidose of Reality. I want to be Carol when I grow up. The idea of blogging and writing and traveling with my pets is a dream I want to make a reality. Carol is always happy to share her experiences.

Here's some more -- Rebecca and Garth of The World According to Garth Riley, Deanna and Kona who run K9 Carryall, Theresa O'Connell of A Coonhound's Tales, Diane and Rocco of To Dog with Love, Rosalyn and Sugar the Golden Retriever, Gina and Oz of Oz the Terrier, Adam of Singing Dogs, Sarah Allen and of course -- my Mom.

And there's Lisa the Pet Blog Lady and the Blog Paws team (Tom, Yvonne, Chloe, Felissa), and Rebecca and Rebecca from Pet360.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Christie and Lulu!!!

  2. Golden SWEET :-) Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar n mom

  3. Thanks for the shoutout and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgivung to you! Thanks for the shoutout!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco

  5. Such a wonderful post. We, too, are very thankful for the friends we've met through blogging.

    Garth & Rebecca

  6. We're very thankful to have gotten to know you! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Replies
    1. Caren, I should have included you! I'm so sorry. I knew I was going to forget someone.

  8. I adore you - you just made my day - much love xoxoxo


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