Monday, October 7, 2013

Death, life, the fight and the pawcircle

Today I want to talk about some friends who need prayers.

My friend Christine messaged me last night to say that her sweet old gentleman, Zachary, had taken a turn for the worse and would begin his journey to heaven in the morning.

For months Zachary had been battling an infection of some kind. He was very sick and wouldn't eat. He had trouble walking. When Christine switched to holistic vet treatment, Zachary seemed to be getting better. His appetite returned, he was walking better, he seemed to have some fight in him again. 

Lulu and Zachary at the park.
But Zachary, who was 13, wasn't able to fight anymore.

Two other friends lost pets in the last week too. Kristin Dewey lost her cat Cokie (of Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider) after 19 years of love. And My friend Pamela lost her cat Donna after only three years together. Pamela got Donna when she was 9. A few weeks ago they found a tumor in her mouth.

As I write this, I'm also praying for a family in Houston. Amanda and I have worked together for a while. Her husband, Joe, is fighting cancer once again. And they are young. My age. And they have a baby on the way.

I'm thinking about them and the fight they are in. They've been chronicling it in their blog, Cocktails and Chemo. Please read about their struggle, and if you can donate to their mounting medical bills, please do. We are also staying strong for Joe.

In honor of Joe and Amanda, and Zachary and Christine, and Kristin and Cokie and Pamela and Donna, my blog is now blue for the next week. Blue is the color for colon cancer, which is what Joe has.

Whether you believe in Heaven or the Rainbow Bridge, please think of my friends. And if you could join me in a pawcircle, please do.


  1. Thanks for this post, Christie. My deepest condolences to all. It is one of the worst things I have ever experienced.

  2. Count me in. It is never easy ... and only truly pet lovers really understand.

    1. Having been through it with a heart pet, it is so terrible. So many friends lost pets this past week. Very sad.

  3. I'll be praying for your friends. Loss is probably the most difficult part of life.

  4. It's always hard when you lose a family member. That's exactly what they are, a part of the family!


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