Friday, October 18, 2013

Golden retriever dogs needed for lifetime cancer study

Last month I was at the American Humane Association's BeHumane Summit, where I learned about a pretty amazing cancer study involving golden retrievers.

But before my beagle readers go back to Google, hear me out, because this is important to you too.

A golden retriever at an AKC dog show in June.
In the U.S., golden retrievers are the number one breed to get cancer. In particular, they get hemangiosarcoma. Sixty percent die of the cancer.

But in the United Kingdom, golden retrievers don't get the cancer. Also -- they don't have the same color coats!

Photo courtesy of American humane Association.
So the Morris Animal Foundation is trying to follow 3,000 purebred goldens for their lifetime.

To get involved, you have to:
  • Have a young dog
  • You have to prove it's purebred
  • You have to take the dog to the vet every year.
  • Take an annual sample collection
  • Take part in an annual survey on the dog, which includes a number of factors
Research for this study could lead to cancer treatments for dogs from all breeds.

So if you have a golden, learn more on the Morris Animal Foundation website.


  1. That is a great study and as a golden retriever owner and lover, I'm anxious for the results. Our last golden died of cancer. It came on him so fast, and he died one day after the diagnosis. Our new golden may have leukemia. We are still doing testing. I'd love to enter him into the study, but he's almost 7, so probably not young. We got him from a rescue group but he's purebred, although we probably couldn't prove it.

    1. Yeah, they are looking for a two year old or younger.

    2. I had no idea the rates of cancer in goldens was so bad until i heard about it at the summit. That must be horrible for owners.

  2. I lost my 9 year old Golden last year to stomach cancer. He had 3 huge tumors

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