Sunday, October 27, 2013

Need a Halloween costume for your pet? Check out Pet360

Were you satisfied with the Halloween costumes in the stores this year? I wasn't.

Last year Lulu was an astronaut.

I got that costume at Target.

But when I looked for something similarly interesting at Target and at Petco, I was sorely disappointed. I had the same problem at Party City. PetSmart also left me cold.

So I kind of created two costumes for Lulu with some jerry-rigging.

Here's the World War I Flying Ace in the most sincere pumpkin patch Mom could find.

Lulu as Snoopy! She's wearing a red scarf I found on sale at Macy's and a pilot's cap from my Snoopy doll from Build-a-Bear Workshop. The cap doesn't fit great, but it was only for the picture. And the costume was relatively inexpensive.

Lulu's next costume was a bit more expensive, but far more fun if you like a certain Doctor.

I'm a beagle now. Beagles are cool!
Doctor AROOOOOOOO! Lulu's in a sportcoat I found on sale at Macy's (but not nearly as cheap as the scarf was. Not by a long shot. By the way, Lulu is a Boys size 5, if you're curious). The bowtie I got at Party City, which has a slew of accessories separated by color at reasonable prices.

And, finally, my sonic screwdriver pen in her pocket. Because what's the Doctor without the sonic!

Now -- if you don't have time to get creative with costumes, and you need one NOW, head to

Pet360 has a Halloween Costume Shop with some fun costumes. Here's some of my favorites:

Monster Doggies!! In pink or blue.

Dorothy (Toto not included)

Now, clearly its a little late to buy a costume for your dog for this year, but you can always get one for NEXT year. Plus, now it's time for holiday shopping, and Pet 360 has everything you need!

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  1. OMD, the WWI Flying Ace costume is TOOOO cute! Rita hates to dress up. If she would tolerate it, I'd make her the Scarecrow, to go with my Dorothy costume!

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  3. This year I sm making my dog a bagel yes she is a beagle last year she was a chia pet


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