Friday, September 6, 2013

Boardwalk Empire? How about Dog walk Empire!

On Sunday night one of my favorite TV shows returns on HBO: "Boardwalk Empire."

This show is deep and intriguing and historical and sexy. Not for children. May not be for pets either.

So I thought we could have a little fun. If this show was cast with dogs instead of humans, which dogs would be good for which characters?

I will start:

Basset hound as Nucky Thompson.
Main character Nucky Thompson is descending further and further into darkness. But he also has this side of good in him that helps him walk back. It's obvious he has been hurt a lot by the past, and he is trying to move on but he can't. Actor Steve Buscemi's eyes tell a lot of that, and when I look at those eyes, I see basset hound.

Pit bull as Richard Harrow.
Richard Harrow is a World War I veteran with a horrible injury. He's quiet, gentle, and fiercely loyal. And he is often misunderstood because of his injury. That says pit bull to me completely.

Now it's your turn! Have you seen the show? Pick a character and choose a dog breed for that character! Post them below in the comments section!

"Boardwalk Empire" returns Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.


  1. Hubs and I have been watching Boardwalk Empire via Netflix. (It's not on streaming - we have to get it on disc.)
    Your dog interpretations of Nucky and Richard are interesting! I would've never thought of Basset for Nucky and Pit Bull for Richard, but they make sense!
    Hmmm... let me think... Jimmy Darmody... German Shepherd, I think. Handsome, very smart, hardworking, dedicated. Cool-headed and calculating, but also warm with a big heart. Equally capable of quiet, sweet love and fierce attack if necessary. Which makes him loved and feared, like GSDs are.
    Bear in mind that we're only into the second season, so we don't know where Jimmy's road ultimately goes in later episodes.

    1. ACK! Then I won't say anything. :)

      What alternatives did you have for Nucky and Richard, Pam? I guess I could see Jimmy as a GSD, but for some reason I saw Jimmy as something a bit... whinier. lol

    2. Really? Whinier? lol I don't see him as whiny at all... but maybe he gets whinier later. We're only at the point where *semi-spoiler alert* (for others, not for you) Nucky has asked to him to come back to Atlantic City from Chicago.
      I don't have any alternatives for Nucky and Richard. In fact, I agree with pit bull for Richard. The images you used are perfect... the Basset likeness for Nucky is clearly there. But the reason I can't see Basset for Nucky is because Nucky can be ruthless when he wants/needs to be, and I think Bassets are just incapable of ruthlessness, lol. Unless you count sleeping... they are ruthless, unapologetic sleepers ;).

    3. Understanding the whole Nucky's ruthless thing, I just couldn't think of another dog that looked more like Steve Buscemi. hee hee.

  2. I love it - I am such a fan of this show. Love the pics!

  3. OMD I love this show and yes, Half Face is perfect. Hmmmm I think Margaret would be an Irish Setter!


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