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Beagles of the week: The Tillmans, PLUS beagle adoption in Kentucky

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In my searches for rescue beagles, I've found some parts of the country have more beagles in their shelters than other parts. And that's very true about Kentucky.

I have a friend in Kentucky, Carma Poodale and her mom Bunny. They work at Owensboro Humane Society, which is a no-kill shelter in Kentucky. Bunny and Carma tell me there are lots of beagles in Kentucky shelters. There are lots of hunters in the area, and as a result hounds end up being overbred, or are abandoned after a hunt either on accident or on purpose. This article explains that.

So I went to Petfinder.com and picked out some beagles in animal shelters who need homes. There are more -- lots more. Please consider checking out Petfinder if you are looking for a beagle. Don't live in Kentucky? There are always ways to get the dog to you.

Here is James Ray:

James Ray is a male adult beagle at the Green River Animal Shelter in Columbia, KY. Not much is said about James, other than that he's very sweet. I think a picture is worth a thousand words, and that one kinda says it all.

You can call the shelter at 270-385-9655, or email the shelter at gras@windstream.net for more info.

Here's Nora:
She's seven months old and is at Powell County Pound in Stanton, KY. This is what the description says about Nora:
Nora is several months old and her personality is gentle & loving.  She is on the calm side upon our first meeting.  She has a cute face and pretty, soft coat.  She gets along well with people and the other dogs.  She also walks well on a leash and seems eager to please.  Her size is about 35 lbs.
Shelter pets are the BEST!  Please visit our shelter and get your new best friend today.  These pets are all at risk not to be saved.  Shelter hours are Mon-Fri. 9 till 4 except Thurs. till noon.  Call and leave a message to inquire. 606-663-0021 or alternate # 606-663-9802 (part-time volunteer)  Saturday appts are available.
 Then there's Joey:

Joey is a senior beagle at Garrard County Animal Shelter in Lancaster, KY. He's adorable! He also would prefer a home without dogs.

You can contact the shelter at 859-792-1562 or eharrisgcas@yahoo.com

 Head to Petfinder to find more adoptable beagles!

And now for our Beagles of the Week!

This week I chose from my friends who follow my Facebook page (do YOU follow my Facebook page? Like Life With Beagle!). When I saw this picture, I couldn't resist.

Angie is one of three beagles who belong to the Tillman family. The other two are Abbie and Isabel.

Here's what Tracie Tillman says about them:
"We are parents to three beagles. (All rescues.) Isabel, age 5, rescued in 2010. Abby & Angie, both age 9, rescued in March 2013.
 "Of course, being beagles they love all kinds of food, but their official meals consist of Purina One Maturity blend. Abby is the only one we have ever had that LOVES fruits & veggies. She is especially excited when we have watermelon or carrots!
 "They all love to explore the latest scents in our fenced backyard. They also enjoy barking at people (with or without dogs) walking or jogging past our yard! Isabel is the only one who will play with toys. She has her own toy box which she enjoys emptying throughout each day!
 "The best part about owning a beagle is their willingness to cuddle with you and their soulful expressions. They are such gentle little dogs who are always wanting to please us. We can always depend on them to be gentle with our grandchildren when they are visiting. As you can tell by Angie's picture she is very cooperative during dress-up play with our granddaughter!
"The only problem with owning a beagle is that they cannot be let off leash! They will follow their nose without a backward glance if allowed! We love our beagle babies and plan to keep rescuing as many as we can for as long as we can. They continue to be a constant source of joy to us!"
Every week we feature a beagle or group of beagles and pair them with beagles in shelters who need a forever home! Do you have a beagle you think should be beagle of the week? Email me at czizo@cfl.rr.com.


  1. Beagles are such sweethearts - all dogs in shelters make me sad, but beagles even moreso. Will definitely share these three cuties.
    Love the Tillman family Beagles too... so glad they're dedicated to rescue Beagles and are even willing to adopt older ones... not everyone is.

    1. Beagles are experts at breaking people's hearts. Those eyes are insane.

  2. I love beagles and I'm totally in love with Nora! Almost every day I see a dog I want to bring home. I can't wait until I'm in the place to get another dog - it'll definitely be a shelter dog!

  3. Oh, I love Beagles... just wish they had great homes! Sharing.

  4. Mom's a sucker fur hounds! Such sweet faces. Wishing that there were more families like the Tillmans too! We'll share!

  5. Beagles stole my heart a long time ago - thanks so much for featuring multiples in need. That tiara shot of Angie is too precious!

  6. Thank you for helping beagles here all the way up in Ky. That means a lot to me. Beagles are pawtastic family dogs. If I can ever help just give me a hollar!


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