Monday, September 30, 2013

Davey of the Beagle Freedom Project found saf

UPDATE: Call off the dogs, Davey was found safe and he's home!!! Hope to have more details soon.

This is Abe and Davey. Davey is the one on the right with the white face. The two boys spent their lives in a research lab, and were freed by the Beagle Freedom Project. They were adopted by a lovely family in Encino, California, where they live as brothers.

On Sept. 30, something dreadful happened. The gardener, a longtime family employee, accidentally left the gate open and Abe and Davey got out. While they were able to get Abe, Davey disappeared, and neighbors say he was picked up by someone in a blue van.

But this is what happened next.
"Everyone can breathe easier. Little Davey was found this morning around 4:30 AM. He was in a state of panic, understandably, but responded to his Dad’s call and then scooped up and brought home where he is now safe, with Abe, and is resting. 
"The early story about Davey being picked up by a blue van was later clarified. Once a fluent Spanish speaker interviewed the woman who reported this, we realized she saw someone in a van TRY to pick up Davey, but may not have succeeded. With this in mind, a neighborhood canvassing effort was redoubled. 
"A large banner BFP volunteers created and hung over a free-way over pass generated sightings and location tips all night long. Finally at 4AM BFP President, Shannon Keith, fielded a critical call and directed Davey’s Dad to the scene. Davey was visibly shaken but knew his Dad and responded. 
"Thank you to everyone who shared this story, called with tips, personally walked neighborhoods, and literally stayed up all night searching for this sensitive little guy. In times of crisis this community of supporters pulls together like no other. Although this was a stressful 20 hours we were confident this volunteer army would leave no stone unturned until we had our Davey back! 
"Abe and Davey, from our Midwest 10 Rescue, are two of the sweetest and most sensitive beagles – and they love and rely on each other. We are so happy to report they are reunited!"
Everyone give your dog a special hug today in appreciation for this happy ending!

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  1. SOOOO glad to see this update. Thankfully Davey is back home safe.


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