Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colorado beagles need homes PLUS San Diego Search and Rescue team

Hey all! We'll get to our beagles of the week in a moment, but first, I just want to mention efforts to help flood victims in Colorado.

BlogPaws Be The Change put up a list of local shelters that could use some help:
 More information can be found on the BlogPaws website.

I also want to feature some beagles from Colorado who need out of the shelter. The more dogs are out of the shelter and in homes, the better it will be for places caring for flood victims.

This is Yoshi:

And this is Chocolate.
There's not much info about them, but both are at Aurora Animal Shelter. 

Chocolate is an adult girl, and her shelter number is A158955. 
Yoshi is an adult boy, and his shelter number is A158954.

Just to clarify: These dogs were already at the shelter. They are not flood victims.

Here's the info for the shelter:
Aurora Animal Shelter, Aurora, CO

This week, we are talking about San Diego's team of search and rescue beagles! Proof that beagles can be trained for the tough job of search and rescue.

Pam Medhurst has five beagles who volunteer for search and rescue.  I've shown these dogs before in a training video off Youtube.

Here's my questions for Pam Medhurst about these beagles.

1) Who are your dogs and how old are they? 
 Snickers- age 11, Danie age 10, Charlie age 9, Wishbone age 5 Huckleberry, age 3 

Pam and her pack!
2) Where did you get them? 
 A local beagle breeder.They are beagles.

3) What's their favorite food? 
 EVERYTHING is their favorite food!

4) What's their favorite thing to do? 
Such good-natured boys, ready for everything. They love their walkies, runs at the beach, going for rides and they do love their search and rescue work

5) Favorite toys? 
Snickers loves tennis balls. The others love soft squeaky things.

Wishbone and Pam at the 9/11 Stair Climb.
6) Do they take part in any special activities (i.e. therapy dog, service dog, spokes dog, etc.) ? 
All are service dogs. They are certified search and rescue dogs with San Diego Sheriff search and rescue. They are scent specific, which means I give them a scent article and they track the missing person. Danie and Charlie are also cadaver dogs -- trained to look for the deceased. We have had many finds together. Charlie is also a certified therapy dog. We do read aloud programs at the library 

Danie in a doggy hazmat suit prototype.
7) What's the best part of owning a beagle?
The best part of owning beagles is how gentle they are with others yet so dedicated to the work we do. ready at a moments notice to either work, play or cuddle.

8) What's the worst?
I guess the only downside to beagles is their voice, but that's only what my neighbors might say -- to me, it's music! Barooo!
9) Anything else you would like to add?
See Search and Rescue Beagles on Facebook for more info on them and lots of pictures.

Every week we feature a beagle or group of beagles and pair them with beagles in shelters who need a forever home! Do you have a beagle you think should be beagle of the week? Email me at czizo@cfl.rr.com.


  1. Thanks for spreading the word about those Colorado beagles in need. I also loved the Q&A about search and rescue beagles. I just moved to the San Diego area, so it was interesting to learn more about what's going on around here.

    1. You're welcome! Glad I could bring you some interesting information!

  2. My wish is for the beagles at the shelter to get homes with fulfilling jobs like the search and rescue beagles have! Wow! That is an amazing pack of lovely, well-trained dogs. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think the best part of owning a beagle is the fact that they are quiet and obedient. Pawsome!

  4. Wishing for all the dogs in the shelter find their forever homes ... soon. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Cute interview! It's funny that their favorite food is, "EVERYTHING!" :)

  6. What a great approach! I look forward to reading the 'happy ending' tails.

  7. Sounds like beagles are PERFECT for search and rescue. I hope those cuties in the shelter find homes soon!


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